Creative Uses for Storage Cubes


GR49D-B-1-OPC-Cube-GREEN__96343.1276179659.864.850Storage cubes are incredibly versatile, which means that you can do just about anything with them. They’re also perfect for people who live in smaller homes and apartments because they can be customized into unique storage solutions. You can buy storage cubes with shelves, drawers, or even cabinets, which means that your possibilities are endless. Here are some creative uses for storage cubes that you can incorporate into your own space:

Turn Them Into a Workstation

Think you don’t have enough room for your hobby or a home office? Think again! By stacking storage cubes in creative ways, you can easily use them to create a space-saving home office or work station with tons of storage space. Just stack the cubes in a way that makes sense for your space and storage needs. Lay a flat piece of wood over the top to make a stable work surface after you’ve finished placing the storage cubes how you want them to be.

Make a Storage Bench

Another great idea is to use storage cubes to create a storage bench. You can put this bench in your foyer or mudroom so that you can have a place to store things like bags and shoes. Simply place a series of colorful pillows over the top after you’re done creating the bench with the cubes. You’ll not only have a place for storage, but you can also use the bench to sit while you put on your shoes! You can also use them in other parts of the home as a way to expand your seating while increasing your storage options.

Use Them for Your Closet

Storage cubes offer the perfect way to organize your closet. You can even use them to create a makeshift closet if you don’t have enough space in your existing closets. Just stack the cubes in a way that maximizes your existing storage space. Remember that you can stack them vertically, too, if you don’t have enough floor space. You can even mount them on the wall, which will enable you to use every inch of storage space.

As you can see, storage cubes are incredibly versatile, which means that there are a lot of things that you can do with them. When converting your storage cubes into other pieces of furniture, make sure you secure all the parts into place. Although they’re designed for stacking, you don’t want to risk them falling over or coming apart, especially if you have the cubes placed the way you want them.