4 Uses for Wood Closet Systems


IMG_6320_002_1__76203.1392758561.864.850When organizing, one of the biggest difficulties you could be faced with is trying to find enough storage space in your closets. Using these built-in closets isn’t always the best solution, especially if the space is fairly small. Not only that, but these closets may not meet your needs. Closet systems can help solve this problem. Here’s how:

Add a Closet to a Small Room

Do you have a small room in your home that you would like to use as a small bedroom or for storage? If this room doesn’t have a closet of its own, or if you simply need more storage space, a closet system is the ideal solution. In this case, you’ll want to determine what you’ll be storing in the closet and then select the piece that will have the ideal combination of drawers and cabinets for your needs. Utilize any space that you have available so that you can maximize how much storage room you’ll create.

Use it for Extra Storage

Even if your room already has a closet, a closet system can help you add even more storage space. If you find that you have a larger wardrobe than your existing closet will allow, you can buy a piece that has plenty of space to hang up clothes. Most closet systems also have additional drawers and cabinets to store accessories and extra clothing. For example, many pieces are roughly the size of a standard dresser, yet are more space efficient. Consider purchasing one of these pieces instead of a dresser if you need the extra storage space. For example, if you have a large shoe or purse collection, you can buy a piece with the purpose of storing your collection.

Create a Walk-In Closet 

Is it your dream to have a walk-in closet? The good news is that a closet like this doesn’t need to be designed into the house! You can convert any room in your home into a walk-in closet by using these closet system furniture pieces. They come in a variety of sizes, which means that you can buy exactly what you need. Now, you don’t need to limit the clothes and accessories that you buy. You can find all the space you need because you’re not limiting yourself to a built in closet that’s too small for your needs.

Use it for Seasonal Storage

Do you swap out your wardrobes on a seasonal basis? If so, you can use closet furniture to store your seasonal wardrobe. These pieces fit easily in attics, basements and spare rooms. This is an especially good solution if your existing closets are too small. Now, storing items that are only used in a specific season, such as your winter coats, will be much easier.

You don’t need to limit yourself to your existing closet space. Closet systems can help you expand your possibilities.