How to Know When It’s Time For New Furniture


cm7624_z__89110.1459541779.864.850Good furniture can last for a long time, but even the best furniture could stand to be replaced every now and then. Reasons for replacing furniture include comfort, the furniture’s age, and whether or not it matches your décor. Here’s an in depth exploration of some of the reasons that could result in you needing to add a few new furniture pieces to your home:

The Furniture Isn’t Comfortable

Over time, sofa, chair, and couch cushions and mattresses tend to lose their firmness and shape. When this happens, the piece will no longer be comfortable and you might want to look into finding a replacement.

Existing Pieces Don’t Match Your Décor

Does your existing furniture still match your décor? Over time, our tastes change. If you changed your wall color several times over the past decade, for example, it could very well mean that your furniture no longer looks good in your space. Although you can easily refinish a piece of furniture, this may not entirely solve the problem. For instance, if you used to enjoy antique style furniture but now enjoy a more modern look, it could be time for a replacement.

You Just Moved

Have you ever moved to a different home only to realize that some of your furniture no longer looked right? Instead of trying to make the old furniture pieces work, it could be time to make some changes! For instance, if you had a sectional couch in another home and it no longer suits your new home, it’s better to buy a new sofa especially for your new room.

Your Old Furniture Needs Repairs

Do you have damaged furniture? If this is the case, you can certainly have it repaired – but this isn’t always the best option. People who specialize in repairs could charge a lot of money, and the end result may be something that you aren’t happy with anyway. When your furniture starts to look old or needs repairs, you’re much better off buying new furniture that you’re completely happy with! Seek out new pieces that are solidly built so you won’t be in this situation again in the future.

Some Pieces Don’t Suit Your Needs

Over time, you may realize that your existing furniture isn’t meeting your needs anymore. Before you start shopping, you will want to determine what your needs actually are. For instance, if you realize that you need more storage space in your bedroom but don’t have enough room for an extra dresser or wardrobe, you might want to consider buying a storage bed or a captain’s bed. If you need more storage space in your home office, consider buying storage cubes so you can customize them to suit your space. There’s no need to try to make the old furniture work if it has outlived its usefulness!

By considering these points, it can help you determine if you need to replace your furniture or not.