Ways to Use Storage Cubes in a Child’s Bedroom


open_cube__64466.1475352799.864.850Are you looking for ways to increase storage in your child’s bedroom? Storage cubes are incredibly versatile because they come in a few different styles, such as regular cubes, cubes with shelves, cubes with drawers, and cubes with cabinets. They can either be stacked or mounted on the wall. This means that you can easily stack and arrange the pieces in unique ways to suit your needs. Here is a look at some of the ways you can use these cubes in your child’s bedroom:

Store Clothes

Depending on how big the child’s room is, you may find that you need additional places to store clothes outside of the closet. If the room is on the small side, buying a chest or a bureau may not make sense, especially since those furniture pieces tend to be bulky. You can simply stack storage cubes in a way that fits into the room and that will best accommodate the clothes.

Organize the Closet

You can also use storage cubes to help organize your child’s closet. This can be done no matter what size the closet is, but storage cubes are especially helpful in a large closet. Traditional closet systems of hanging a single bar across one end of the closet to the other aren’t the most effective, especially since there is a lot of wasted space.

Store Toys and Books

Storage cubes are especially good for storing both toys and books. The shelves can be stacked to your child’s height and essential items such as craft supplies, bedtime books, and toys can be easily and safely grabbed so that your child can use them during playtime and then put them away when he or she is finished playing. If you need extra space you can always stack the cubes higher and then store items that aren’t used as often at the top.

Create a Workstation

If your child loves to complete craft projects, read, or simply needs a surface to play with his or her toys, you should consider using storage cubes to create a workstation. Using these cubes instead of a regular table or desk allows you to customize the workstation to exactly the size that your child needs. Another benefit of using cubes is that unlike when you use a table or desk, you can use the cubes for extra storage. Your child will love to play games, color, complete craft projects, and even read on the surface of the storage cubes.

If you need a little extra storage in your child’s bedroom, consider using storage cubes. They can be adapted to almost every situation because they come in different styles and can be arranged any way that you need. This means that they can effortlessly solve your storage challenges!