Solid Pine Bookcases Are A Worthy Investment Over Particleboard


Are you in the market for a brand new bookcase for your home or your office? The internet makes the world a much smaller place, and thus you will have plenty of options from all over the world to choose from. But while you are weighing your options on which bookcase makes the most sense for you to purchase, you should consider the following information.


Solid pine wood is a much higher quality in comparison to the cheaper options that are book1__89592.1458593807.864.850available to you locally. Solid pine is built to last, and is a much better option than any particleboard furniture. It may cost you a few extra dollars to go the solid pine route over particleboard, but you are investing in many more years of solid and dependable furniture. How many years are we talking about? Well, there are some pine wood pieces of furniture that have lasted 100 years or even longer. When it comes to particleboard, a bookcase would last about a maximum of five years.. Pine, although softer than a wood like Oak, for example, is a far better option when it comes to quality than particleboard.


Solid pine is a heavy-duty wood that holds weight much better than particleboard furniture would. Pine is a natural homogeneous material, which contributes to why the wood is so strong and durable. You will be able to load your entire book collection into a solid pine bookcase without any worries of the wood weakening for many, many decades. Particleboard is a brittle material, so if the bookcase has adjustable shields, the clips for the shelves tend to fall out over time because the holes deteriorate.


Another positive aspect to choosing solid pine wood over particleboard furniture is the fact that pine wood is easily customizable. If you don’t like the way your new pine wood bookcase looks in your home or office, you can easily change its appearance by staining or painting the piece. You can’t make those particular changes with particleboard pieces of furniture. When it comes to particleboard furniture, if you no longer like the way that it looks, you more than likely will have to dispose of the furniture and replace it with a new piece of furniture. While pine wood may cost you more money upon your initial purchase, it will undoubtedly become a worthy investment, and save you a decent amount of money in the long run, as we can just about guarantee that pine wood will outlast any particleboard furniture piece that you buy.

Made in America:

All of Gothic Cabinet Craft’s furniture is made right here in the United States of America. So not only would you be bringing a high quality bookcase into your home, but you would be supporting local business in the process!