5 Places for Guests to Sleep if You Don’t Have a Guest Room


Just because you have a small home or apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t host overnight guests! With a little creativity and some clever pieces of furniture, you can instantly transform any room into a potential guest room. Here is a list of furniture pieces you can buy that will give you an extra place for guests to sleep without requiring a designated room:

Sofa Bed

No matter how small your place is, chances are pretty good that you have the need for at least one couch. Instead of purchasing a regular couch, consider buying one that can be converted into a bed for guests! Sofa beds are practical and comfortable, and they come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and materials so you will be able to find one that easily matches your décor. In order for the sofa to be converted into a bed, you will need to remove the cushions before pulling out the bed.


Futons are an alternative to sofa beds but their advantage is that they don’t necessarily take up as much space as a sofa bed. Not only that, but there are couch and chair futons, both of which convert into a spare bed. If you have an extremely limited amount of space, consider buying a chair futon. The main difference between a futon and sofa bed is that with a futon, you simply slide it a certain way to convert it into bed. No cushions need to be pulled out because the same cushion is used for both the couch or chair and the bed.


benches_coaster_500750_b__73839-1355772927-864-850If you really don’t have a lot of space in your home or apartment, one of your best options is to buy an ottoman that converts into a bed. Although the ottomans that convert into beds are slightly larger than other ottomans, they don’t take up nearly as much space as a futon, sofa bed, or day bed. Not only that, but they also double as a foot rest!

Day Bed

When you first look at it, a day bed appears to be a normal couch. However, these clever furniture pieces also double as a regular bed! Unlike futons and sofa beds, however, you don’t need to remove any cushions or slide it into position in order to create a bed. A day bed is ready – all you need to do is position the pillows and blankets in a different way before sleeping in it. Some day beds even have the option of turning into a queen or king sized bed as needed by adding a trundle that pops up to the same height as the bed itself.


Murphy Bed

Another great option to expand the sleeping arrangements in your home is to set up a murphy bed. Murphy beds, also referred to as wall beds or pull-down beds, are designed to be stored against a wall and at a glance, look like an attractive, upright furniture piece. When an extra bed is needed, all you need to do is pull the bed down from the wall. This is an excellent solution for a temporary sleeping arrangement for guests!

People who have small homes and apartments often avoid having guests stay overnight because they can’t figure out where their guests will sleep. By using one of these suggestions, you can allow your guests to sleep in comfort without creating a separate bedroom.