What You Need to Know About Parawood


lg-BD59-4013__53088.1485488951.1280.1280Parawood is a type of wood that comes from the Par tree, also known as the rubber tree. Other names for this type of wood include rubberwood, Asian oak, and plantation hardwood. It originates in tropical climates and has many features that make it desirable to use for making furniture. These days, it can be found in a variety of products, such as shelving, tables, bedroom sets, and other pieces of furniture made of wood. Here’s a look at what parawood is and why it’s a good choice for furniture:

Where does parawood come from?

As mentioned above, parawood comes from the Para rubber tree that grows on plantations in tropical climates throughout India, Indonesia, and Central America. Besides being used for its wood, the sap is harvested and becomes latex. In fact, the trees are usually only harvested for wood after they can no longer be used for the sap. It is for this reason that people often consider it to be a more eco-friendly type of wood to use than some of the other choices on the market. In the past, once a mature tree was no longer able to produce the latex, it was burned.

What happens once parawood is harvested?

Once the parawood is harvested, it needs to be treated before it can be turned into furniture. In fact, although parawood is a fairly strong wood, it can’t be used until it has been treated since it is susceptible to fungal infections and insects. This chemical treatment process strengthens the wood’s resistance against these outside factors so that the finished furniture pieces will be disease and insect free.

What kind of furniture is best with parawood?

Parawood can be used to make any type of indoor furniture you want. It is a hardwood that has a medium density, which puts it in the same category as woods such as cherry, ash, and beech. Like other types of woods, it can be finished into different colors, which also makes this type of wood extremely versatile. This wood isn’t typically used for outdoor furniture since the rain can wash away some of the chemicals that are being used to protect the wood. Because the wood is fairly dense, it doesn’t shrink a lot when it is drying. This means that when it does come time to make the furniture, the pieces that are produced are structurally stable. Besides furniture, it is also used to manufacture toys and kitchen utensils.

Parawood is a popular type of wood that comes from the Para rubber tree. Once the tree matures and can no longer produce latex, it is then harvested to use for building furniture and other consumer goods.