Create a Home Office in a Small Space


Every home should have an office. It’s especially important if you work from home! However, even if you work outside of the home, you’ll need a space to pay bills, organize your finances, and use your computer. This can certainly be a challenge if space is limited. Luckily, it’s possible to create enough space for your office; you just need to get creative. Here are some ideas that will help you create a home office that fits within your existing space.

Buy a Loft Bed

Loft beds are especially useful for creating more space in your child’s bedrooms. Many of them even have a bookshelf and a desk already built in! With lofts, the bed is elevated off ACMBK263-Hayden__15285.1307035601.864.850the ground so that you can fit other pieces of furniture, such as a desk or a bookshelf, underneath. These beds are especially common in child’s bedrooms, and also in college dormitories because they free up a lot of space.

Get Creative with a Storage Chest  

Storage chests are more versatile than people realize. Most people store items such as household linens and clothing in their chests. However, they can also easily be converted into a home office. They’re actually the perfect size to hold things like household files. You can also customize it with a storage tray, and a flat area where you can write or set your laptop. You can even hang a bulletin board on the inside of the lid to hold important items.

Customize a Bookshelf

Try using a bookshelf to create a home office! This is an easy way to create a space in the living room for your office because you can easily customize it with a sliding door to hide the area when you’re not using it. If the room is typically used for entertaining and watching television, the last thing you want to see is your work area as you’re trying to relax. You can simply slide the door over the work area so you don’t need to look at it.

Use an Armoire

Did you know that you could convert a classic armoire into a home office? This is an especially good way to conceal a computer. All you need to do is make sure the armoire has a sliding shelf for the work place. This is a really effective way to store your computer. This sliding shelf will become your work area. If the armoire doesn’t have a shelf that slides, you could always customize it. The extra space in the piece can be used to hold extra office supplies.

Convert a Closet

Do you have a spare bedroom? If so, you can convert the closet into an office! This is an especially good idea if the room has a walk-in closet. If the room isn’t being used for anything other than a guest room, it’s a waste to have a closet that isn’t getting used. Even if it isn’t a walk-in closet, there’s more than enough room for a small desk and some wall-mounted shelves.

Even if you don’t have a lot of space, it’s still possible to have a home office! You’ll just need to use these strategies to help you get creative.