How to Choose a Mirror for Your Living Room


589_BR51a__64758.1357246098.864.850When decorating the living room, we often gloss over the little details, such as what to hang on the walls. We treat these details as an afterthought only after we’ve already selected the major furniture pieces that will go in the room. However, there is more to decorating than that. Little details, such as decorating with mirrors, can really enhance a room. Here’s a look at how to choose the best mirror for your living room:

Know the Purpose of the Mirror

Before you can successfully choose a mirror for your living room, you need to decide on its main function. Will it be purely decorative or do you need it to serve an additional purpose, such as making the room look a little bigger? Knowing how the mirror will be used can help you select the right one. If you need it to make the space look bigger, for example, you will want to make sure that the mirror is large enough to make an impact. If it’s purely decorative, you will simply need to choose one that matches the décor.

Determine the Size of the Mirror

Once you know exactly what the mirror will be for, your next step is to decide on the size. As mentioned above, the purpose will often determine the size. If you need the mirror to create an illusion of space, it will need to cover a larger area. If the mirror will be used for decorative purposes, size doesn’t necessarily matter. Your main goal is to make sure that the mirror matches the décor. In both cases, however, you’ll want to measure the area where the mirror will go and buy one that fits the space.

Consider What Else is On the Wall

Another thing that can impact the mirror you choose is whether or not you will be pairing it with other wall art. If a mirror will be alone on a bare wall, you can get away with a mirror that is larger or more ornate. If the mirror is sharing the space with other pieces of art, you will need to take these other pieces into consideration. You will make much different choices depending on what’s close to it.

Know the Big Picture

Overall, you need to find a mirror that makes sense with the overall look of your living room. While it is a good idea to take factors such as the size of the mirror, the purpose of the mirror, and whether or not it will share a wall with other items into consideration, it still needs to look great in the room as a whole and match the existing decor.

Before buying a mirror to hang in your living room, it helps to put some thought into it. By doing that, you are sure to select a great mirror that you will truly be happy with.