Turn Your Living Room into a Sports Bar!


Maybe not as permanent change, but wouldn’t it be great if you could make your living room the go-to-destination for the next big sports night with your buddies? Believe it or not, turning your living room into a sports bar isn’t all that hard provided you have the right furniture (and some very understanding roommates for the night). If you are looking to host a party the next time a big game is on, make sure your living room is ready to handle the crowds!

1. Add a bar.
3078_3079_3080_3078_b__26600.1433519797.200.200What would a sports bar be without an actual bar! A classic solid wood bar is perfect for entertaining guests. A great bar stores bottles, glasses and serving ware (pitchers, platters, etc) of just about any size so you’ll always have what you need close at hand. If you need help selling the idea of adding a bar to you roommates or significant other, just point out what a great help it will be during your next dinner party (a perfect buffet top!) and how extra much storage it provides.

If you really want to show your team spirit, you can buy an unfinished wood bar and paint it in your team’s colors or paint the logo right on the front of your bar! You’ll be the biggest super fan in the neighborhood.

2. Get comfy with the couches.
Since you probably don’t have room for a big leather booth in the middle of your living room, make do with the next best option and opt for a big, comfy couch. Dark leather is obviously the traditional choice for sports bar seating, but a dark microfiber sofa is just as comfy and luxurious, but really easy to clean in case your guests start celebrating the game winning homerun or touchdown and snacks and beer go flying.

3. Make your TV the focal point.
Let’s be honest, even without a bar a sports bar would still be a sports bar provided it had a dozen flat screen TVs carefully positioned around the room. To really make your living room feel like a sports bar you’ve got to make your TV the center of attention. If you can’t hang your TV on the wall, a tall entertainment center is just the thing to make sure everyone can watch the game. You can keep your sound system, stereo equipment, HD receiver and other sports bar essentials hidden in the entertainment center as well.

The best part of a living room sports bar is that all three of these furniture pieces can work with your everyday life! You may not have an extra room or basement that you can turn into your sports den, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little stadium feel to your living room.