Gothic Furniture Little League Team Takes First Place in Championships


Gothic Little League 1BGothic Furniture is pleased to announce that their Texas division little league team has earned first place in the Bayside Little League championships. The team, which is comprised of eight and nine year olds, finished the regular season with a record of 13 – 1.

Nicholas Koutsoftas, one of the coaches, said that he was impressed with the dedication and perseverance the children showed when it came to developing their skills. He said, “They worked really hard. We had two practices a week in addition to our games and the children dedicated themselves to the process.”

He went on to say that, “We had a system in place and the kids not only learned the system, but executed it very well.” Their 13 – 1 record earned them a spot in the playoffs where they eventually took first place.

In the semifinal round they played the Tequila Sunrise team that was responsible for their only loss in the regular season. They practiced and prepared for the game and eventually won it 8 – 1. There were many players who played a part in the win and it was a full team effort.

Gothic Little League 1Aiden Rodriguez, the starting pitcher of the game, pitched four shutout innings. Angel Madrid knocked in an RBI early in the game, which gave our team the lead. The game really opened up in the fifth inning when Niko Rouzinos hit a single and Damien Iemma had an RBI double. At that point, Tommy Stathopoulos hit an inside the park home run. Nathan Tsikiotis and Oscar Connolly also had RBIs that resulted in the 8 – 1 lead, which ended up being the final score.

The win in the semifinals advanced them to the final championship round where they played Dime Community Bank. The game was scoreless until the third inning when Gothic experienced three walks in a row. Damien Iemma hit a single right after those walks that eventually cleared the bases. Gothic added two more runs to the score in the fifth inning when Nikitas Vlachos and Aiden Rodriguez both had RBIs. Damien Iemma pitched four shutout innings and Michael Psarros and Tommy Stathopoulos offered relief, pitching a shutout inning each. The final score was 5 – 0.

When asked to reflect on the season, Nicholas Koutsoftas expressed that it was a privilege to coach the team. He said, “It has been a tremendous honor to coach these boys who were so eager to learn the fundamentals of the sport.”

Gothic Little League 1AGothic Furniture Roster 2017 Little League Team Full Roster


Nicholas Koutsoftas

Ted Rouzinos

John Stathopoulos


Marcos Koutsoftas – Catcher

Niko Rouzinos – Second Base, Pitcher

Damien Iemma – Pitcher, First Base

Tommy Stathopoulos – Pitcher, Short Stop, First Base

Aiden Rodriquez – Pitcher, Third Base

Michael Psarros – Pitcher, Short Stop, Outfield

John Xenakis – Short Stop, Third Base, Pitcher

Nikitas Vlachos – Outfield, Second Base

Oscar Connolly – Outfield, Catcher

Nathan Tsikiotis – Outfield, Second Base

Angel Madrid – Outfield, Third Base