Furniture and Toy Storage


Children love their toys. They also love to leave them all over the place no matter how hard parents try to contain them! In a household with kids, you’ll probably be able to find toys in bedrooms, living rooms, the kitchen, and even the hallway. More than a few parents have gone on a last-minute hunt for a missing stuffed animal before bedtime. With better toy storage solutions urban families might be better able to keep the toys organized and accounted for. Here are a few different ideas of how certain furniture pieces can double as a toy storage unit:

Storage Chests
GK16__99956.1419886095.864.850A storage chest is a perfect solution for storing toys. The extra deep chests allow you to store toys, games, puzzles, stuffed animals, and even arts and craft items out of sight. A storage chest in a child’s bedroom can also double as a window seat or workbench. You can center the chest in front of a window and place a cushion on top which provides a nice place for kids to sit and read.

You can also consider getting a solid wood storage chest for the living room. You can utilize the top of the chest as extra sitting, or it can double as a nice coffee table. This way you can have a place to put beverages, television remotes, and even magazines. If you are expecting company, simply open the chest, put away any toys left in the living room, and you’ll have a “grown-up” living room for the evening.

A bookcase can double as a place to store toys that your children play with on a regular basis. Plush animals, remote control cars, and games and puzzles can be stored on the shelves so they are easily accessible, but off of the floor. You can opt for shorter bookcases (three shelves for instance) that are more “kid sized” so they can easily get to their favorite toys. There are even bookcases with doors that can be used to keep the toys out of sight. The nice thing about using bookcases for toy storage is they can be modified as your children get older. Bookcases can hold video games, movies on DVD, and of course books. If your child decides that he or she doesn’t want the bookcase in their room anymore, you can move it to another room and use it to store your own books and other decorative items.

Storage Cubes
A storage cube is a minimalist style storage solution. Storage cubes consist of fully interchangeable, stacked components that can be combined in many different ways to create a storage unit that fits your specific needs. The cubbies are an ideal place to store toys and games. Like a bookcase, storage cubes help keep toys off of the floor but are still easily accessible. The cubbies in storage cubes are very deep so you can store a lot of items in a confined space. Plus, all storage cubes can be painted in different colors to add a little fun to the room.

Later down the road, you can reuse these cubes to hold vinyl records, books, photos, and other items. The shorter storage cubes can also double as coffee tables or end tables with built-in storage. You can also hang the cubes on the wall to create more shelving or be used in a mudroom to store shoes, boots, and other outdoor items.

Storage Beds
A captain’s bed or a storage bed both offer drawers underneath the mattress to store clothes, sheets, and other items. In a child’s bedroom, these drawers are a great place to store toys. These drawers are on floor level which provides easy access for your child’s toys, and make cleaning up the room a breeze. Gothic’s storage beds also come with an option of doors that run the depth of the bed, which provides a storage space for larger items such as kids ski’s, skateboards, and baseball bats.  You can also opt for a bookcase headboard that besides holding books, can provide a home for stuffed animals, security blankets, and other comfort items for sleep.