Bring Out Unfinished Furniture’s Natural Beauty


Are you considering buying unfinished furniture? When most people set out to buy furniture, they look for stained pieces that match their décor. However, unfinished furniture can add another element of versatility because you can customize it however you want it to look. People often buy it to save money, and they’ll often stain the piece themselves. Wood is naturally beautiful and leaving it “as is” is worth considering, as well. Here are some reasons why it’s better to buy unfinished furniture and then stain it yourself: 

Free From Imperfections

Most unfinished furniture pieces have a minimal amount of imperfections, if any. Often, manufacturers will buff out any nicks and dings before staining. If you’ve purchased the IMG_0509__29390.1460661146.864.850furniture new, chances are pretty good that the pieces are as close to flawless as they can get because they don’t want customers to see them. Keeping the furniture bare or stained with a light finish will highlight how flawless it is.

It’s Naturally Beautiful

Wood that is left in its natural state is beautiful. It doesn’t matter if the natural color of the wood is light or dark. The fact that each piece is unique and has its own pattern of knots and rings makes it appealing to the eye. In fact, natural wood furniture is striking. Even though staining the wood can make it unique, leaving it natural can make it unique in its own way. Because it’s fairly unexpected to decorate with natural wood furniture, it will definitely make a statement.

Embrace the Rustic Look

Decorating your apartment or home with the “rustic look” is a big trend right now. The look is centered on natural elements, such as natural wood, marble, and other design elements that are inspired by the outdoors. You can easily make the unfinished furniture the focal point of the decorating scheme. From there, you can work in other design elements such as dark wood floors, marble countertops, and even polished metal.

Increased Versatility

Unfinished furniture gives you greater versatility. As your decorating scheme changes, you can always stain the furniture at a later date. Keeping the piece in its pure state when you first get it allows you to enjoy the beauty of the wood while it’s still flawless. In other words, buying unfinished furniture and keeping it that way allows you to be more versatile over the long term.

Unfinished furniture gives you a greater amount of versatility because you can choose a stain that will match the look you’re trying to go for. If you decide to leave it in its naturally state, you might want to give it a coat or two of polyurethane, which is oil based, or polyacrylic, which is water based, before you start using it. However, using both wood stain and a polyurethane or polyacrylic coating will optimize the natural beauty of the wood.