How to Furnish a Small Living Room


CM6485SF__17361.1359743750.864.850When furnishing your living room, the size of the room plays a role in shaping your approach. While it would be nice to have unlimited space, it isn’t completely necessary. You can easily create a comfortable room with the amount of space you have. Here’s a look at how you can furnish a small living room:

Use Light Colors  

Before you can begin furnishing the room, you need to first consider the color scheme. Light colors, such as cream or light beige are perfect choices for the wall. When it comes to flooring and furniture, you’ll want to keep those colors on the lighter side, as well. The more light a room has, the bigger it will look.

Hang Mirrors

If you have a small living room, one of the first things you should do is to give the room the illusion that it is bigger than it is. One of the easiest ways to do this is to hang mirrors on the walls. In order to make the most of this tactic, you don’t need a lot of mirrors. If you hang them in key areas, such as one mirror on each of the walls, it can give the space some added depth.

Use the Vertical Space

One of the best tactics those who have small living rooms can use is to remember to take advantage of the vertical space of a room. For example, if you know that you need a lot of storage space, consider mounting shelving on the wall. Also, rather than placing your television on a table or stand, you should use an entertainment center that utilizes space from floor to ceiling.

Take a Minimalist Approach

Once it comes time to select the larger pieces of furniture, such as your coffee table, chairs, and couch, you should consider using as few pieces as possible. Your goal is to find a balance between comfort and not overdoing it. Do you really need an extra chair or is one couch enough? Do you even need a large coffee table or can you get away with using a smaller table? These are the questions you can ask yourself before you make your furniture choices. Be sure to carefully measure the room so you can be sure that the furniture you do select will fit perfectly.

When it comes to small living rooms, it is possible to make them look bigger than they are. Your goal when selecting furniture and the décor for the room is to make the space comfortable while also giving it some depth.