4 Tips for Furnishing a Small Bedroom


While many apartments have small bedrooms, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of option. You can certainly furnish your apartment in a way that utilizes all available space while also maximizing comfort. By choosing the right furniture, you can create plenty of storage space without adding clutter. There are some beautiful pieces out there that will help you use the space you do have. Here are some ideas:

Buy a Storage Bed

IMG_2103_002__93246.1359139111.864.850With smaller bedrooms, using every inch of possible space is a great tactic. Using storage beds such as captain’s beds is a good tactic because it’s a great way to create ample storage in the room without using precious floor space. There are many types of storage beds so you’ll want to find the piece that best meets your needs. You may not need to sacrifice having a comfortable, queen sized bed if you can eliminate the need for having a dresser because the storage bed has adequate room for your belongings.

Utilize Wall Space

Even though pictures and other wall decorations can be a great way to add your personality to your bedroom, the wall is often ignored as a storage possibility. Items such as wall shelves can really go a long way in increasing the storage capabilities of your small bedroom. Wall shelves can hold things like televisions, books, and other keepsakes. If your bedroom doesn’t have enough space for a bookshelf, this can be a great option for creating storage that doesn’t take up floor space.

Get Creative With Vertical Space

Even though a small bedroom may not have a lot of floor space, there’s usually a lot of vertical space that is left unutilized. This can be done using a variety of tactics such as purchasing tall bookshelves, avoiding furniture that has a lot of width but no height, and using areas such as above the closet door to install wall-mounted cabinets. If you absolutely must use a dresser, make sure you purchase a chest, has more height than width. Closet systems are also a great way to utilize the vertical space because many of the pieces of a lot of height.

Create an Instant Closet

If your small bedroom doesn’t have a closet, it can be frustrating. Purchasing a closet system piece, however, can eliminate this frustration. While most dressers are designed to hold only folded clothes, closet systems have both drawers and rods to hang folded clothes. Even if you do have a closet, chances are pretty good that it’s fairly small. By adding a closet system instead of a dresser, you can get more mileage out of the storage space you do have.

Remember that when it comes to finding the right furniture for a small bedroom, it helps if it serves a dual purpose, as is the case with captain’s beds. Not only that, but you’ll want to use your vertical spaces whenever possible.