5 Furniture Pieces for the End of Your Bed


jericho1__08926.1448991981.864.850When designing their bedrooms, people often spend so much time choosing their bed and the major furniture pieces, such as the dresser or chest, they often forget about the end of the bed. The truth is, the end of the bed shouldn’t be ignored! It’s a prime spot to decorate and for adding extra storage to any bedroom. Here are some of the best ideas for furnishing the end of the bed:


Placing a dresser at the end of the bed can help increase the amount of storage you have in your bedroom. This is an especially useful tactic in rooms that don’t have a lot of floor space. The goal is to select a dresser that isn’t higher than the bed. This means that you either need to find a dresser that is especially low to the ground or purchase a bed that is higher up off the ground.


Most bedrooms can certainly benefit from having more seating. Sure, you can always sit on the bed, but that isn’t always enough. A great way to solve this problem is to place some comfortable ottomans at the end of the bed. Two ottomans can typically fit at the foot of the bed when placed side by side. If you purchase storage ottomans you can not only have extra seating for your bedroom, but they can also increase the storage in your bedroom.


Adding a couch to the end of the bed is an easy way to give a bedroom a seating area. Depending on how much space you have, you can also add a small coffee table and even a chair so that the room can also serve as an area for relaxation or entertaining. This is perfect for any bedroom in the house, but it is an especially useful tactic in a guest bedroom since it allows you to use that space for multiple purposes.

Storage Cubes

Storage cubes are another great option for styling the end of your bed. This is an ideal choice if you find that you need a lot more storage than you already have. They are customizable and come in different styles, such as those with drawers, cabinets, shelves, and regular cubes. You can simply buy what you need and stack them together in a way that allows them to fit perfectly at the foot of the bed. They are great for storing items such as books, accessories, and even shoes!


Trunks are another great choice for the end of the bed. The benefit of a trunk is that it can increase the amount of storage you have in your room. This is an ideal furniture piece to store things like linens, throw pillows, extra blankets, and even bulky sweaters and sweatshirts that don’t fit well in your closet or dresser.

When styling your bedroom, it is important to use every bit of space that you have available. These tips will help you best utilize the space at the end of your bed.