How to Decorate with End Tables


image_1861__51622.1434047979.864.850Most living rooms have end tables, but most of us don’t pay much attention to them. Sure, we use them to lay items down on. They may even hold a lamp or some decorative items. However, when decorating the living room, we don’t tend to pay much attention to them. If this is what happened to you, you’re missing out! End tables can be a vital part of any decorating scheme. Here are some ideas:

Use Baskets to Group Items

Placing baskets of different sizes on the end tables gives you a chance to use them for practical purposes without giving the room a cluttered appearance. Besides that, the baskets are considered a decorative item that can enhance your décor. Just choose a selection of baskets that not only hold all your things, but that also look great in the room.

Select the Best Lamps

If you need extra lighting in your family room or living room, the logical choice is to place lamps on the end tables. However, most people just seem to buy any old lamp and not give it much thought. In order to really make the decorations in the room stand out, it is a good idea to take your time finding a lamp that not only looks great on the table, but that matches the existing decorations in the room.

Decorate with Flowers

Flowers offer an easy way to jazz up the room because they add warmth, color, and softness to an end table. They also provide you with the opportunity to select a vase that brings out the colors in your overall decor scheme. In fact, the vase is just as important as the flowers themselves. So, think of the end table as a podium on which you want to feature exceptionally gorgeous flower arrangements. Pick a vase that uses cooler colors from the rest of the room, such as grey, black, or white.

Use Table Runners

People don’t always think of using table runners on end tables. However, it is possible to find smaller table runners that will look great on these tables. Fabric and tassels on a table runner, especially during the holiday season, can transform an end table from a minor player into a majestic centerpiece. Table runners are a great way to switch up your decor scheme, especially for rectangular tables. Simply spread the runner across the table and add pinecones, candles, or dishes of candy. Your guests will be delighted, and you’ll be able to enjoy the splendor of your table throughout the holiday season.

Before you can decorate your end tables, you need to first find the right set for your room. You want to take your time making your selections, but it helps if you think about the look you’re trying to achieve in the room as a whole. Start by contacting Gothic Cabinet Craft for ideas.