How To Clean Wood Furniture


As you may have heard by now, wood furniture is quite the worthy investment because it can last you a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean that it will stay clean for that long.

Durability should be one of the top factors in your decision-making process when you are looking to bring a new piece of furniture into your home. If durability ranks high among your list of qualifications when shopping for furniture, then it is safe to assume that you made the smart choice in purchasing a nice piece of wood furniture, instead of going with 102271__27453.1387054572.864.850a cheap, build-it-yourself collection of particleboard. Being that wood furniture is higher quality, more delicate than other furniture options, and an investment worthy of protecting, we are going to give you some tips on how to keep your furniture clean, all while protecting its surfaces and upholding its great quality.

Now, this may come as a surprise, but the first piece of advice in regards to cleaning your furniture is that less is more. The chemicals in most cleaning products could be harmful to the wood’s surface, so for varnished wood furniture, simply cleaning the surface with a little bit of water and a microfiber cloth should do the trick. The microfiber cloth is very gentle on the surface, and helps to remove any dust, hair from pets or anything else that may have unwelcomingly made its home on your wood furniture. If the wood surface is unfinished, you’re going to want to skip the application of water to the cloth and clean the surface with just a dry microfiber cloth. Using water to clean an unfinished surface can do more harm that good, including warping the smoothness to the wood’s surface. Also, when it comes to unfinished furniture, regular dusting is necessary to prevent the raw wood from darkening.

Another tip to keeping your wood surfaces in great condition is preventative care. Spills are going to happen, but as long as you clean them up quickly, then you likely will be able to avoid any permanent damage to your wood surface. Also, coasters are a wood surface’s best friend. No matter what kind of furniture we’re talking about here, if you can set a drink on it, there should be a coaster underneath it.

In addition to the preventative methods for taking care of your wood furniture, there are some tactics for preserving your furniture that often go overlooked. For example, keep your wood furniture out of the sun. Kitchen tables or bureaus by the window are at risk for damage over time, as the sun can alter fine finishes by fading them, as well as drying out the wood surface, which will cause cracks if exposed to sunlight for too long. Speaking of the placement of your wood furniture within your home, you should also remember that it is important to keep your wood furniture away from any heating units or vents that you may have in your home. The dry heat from these sources have a similar effect to what the sun can do in that it will dry out the wood, which in turn can cause cracks in the surface.