How to Choose the Right Mattress


Not all mattresses are created equally, but people often treat them as if they are. The truth is that there are a lot of options on the market as to the type of mattress you can buy. Comfort, price, materials that are used to make them, and even medical conditions can all factor into your decision. Here is some information that can help you make the best choice:

Determine the Correct Amount of Support

beautisleep__38991-1432237306-864-850The amount of support that a mattress has plays a big factor in which mattress you should buy. The reason why support differs depending on the mattress is because of its core. You can find a mattress with various core materials, such as foam or innerspring, and each has a different level of support. There are also hybrid mattresses that are made of foam, are gel infused, and have springs. Some people like beds that are firm or extra firm, others enjoy a softer bed, and still others get a better night’s sleep if the mattress is more buoyant. In some cases, personal preference determines how much support is needed. In others, an existing medical condition such as back pain could also play a part.

Understand How You Sleep

Another factor to consider when selecting a new mattress is that it helps to know how you prefer to sleep. Those who primarily sleep on their sides, stomach, or back may find that they prefer certain mattresses. For instance, if you tend to change your positioning throughout the night, for instance, you’ll want a mattress that conforms with your body in order to maximize comfort. Observe the way you sleep so that when it comes time to buy a mattress, you’ll make the right choice.

Know if You Need a Box Spring

Not all beds require a box spring. For instance, all of the beds that we sell here at Gothic Cabinet Craft are platform beds which means that a box spring isn’t needed. There are benefits to not needing a box spring such as cost savings, convenience, and a different level of comfort.

Consider the Style of Bed

Sometimes, the deciding factor as to which mattress you buy will be determined by the style of bed you have. For example, if the bed is a futon, Murphy bed, sofa bed, or day bed you could be limited as to the type of mattress you can use. If the bed is in a more traditional style, you’ll have a lot more choices. On the flip side, if you know that you want to purchase a certain type of mattress, this may impact the type of bed that you have. Be sure that your mattress and bed are compatible before you make any purchases.

Know if There Are Other Factors

There are other items to consider that may impact which mattress you buy. Allergies, if you get hot at night, or if you toss and turn can all impact the type of mattress that you buy. You want to find a mattress that will increase your comfort at night. Choose the wrong mattress, and you’ll be uncomfortable.

If you’re shopping for a new mattress, there is a lot to consider before you make the final decision. With advanced research, you can be sure to make a decision that will improve your comfort at night!