Get Your Child’s Room Ready for Back to School


redbrowndesk__39687.1448987555.864.850Kids look forward to summer as a way for them to relax and get their minds off school. However, the school year will be starting soon! Now that they’re older, chances are pretty good that the amount of time they’ll need to spend on homework will increase. Summer is the perfect time to make sure that your child’s room is outfitted for the upcoming school year. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Is there enough space to study?

One of the first things to examine is whether or not there’s enough space for your child to do his or her homework. Most kids split their time between their desk and their bed. If they like to study on their bed, they’ll need a lap desk and plenty of pillows for back support. They’ll also need a workspace such as a small desk, to complete projects, work on their computers, and complete any written assignments. Since there are many different styles of desks, make sure that you choose one that is comfortable and conducive to their studying habits.

Do they have a place to store books? 

As your child gets older, they’ll need more and more space to store their books, even if they need to bring most of them to school the next day for their classes. If they have plenty of bookshelf space, it will inspire them to stay organized and maybe even collect books that interest them for their own personal reading. Having enough space for their books and office supplies will also encourage them to take an organized approach with their schoolwork.

Is there enough room for all the furniture?

If the room is fairly small, fitting all the furniture they’ll need for a successful school year can be a challenge. Luckily, there are plenty of space-saving solutions you can utilize. You don’t need to sacrifice on storage and comfort just because the room is small!

  • Using a loft bed will enable you to store the desk underneath the loft. This is especially popular in college dorm rooms.
  • Get rid of your child’s chest or dresser and use a captain’s bed instead! They have just as much storage as most dressers, and will free up valuable floor space so you can accommodate a desk.
  • Some desks also have built in shelves, which sit on top of the desk itself. This is a great way to increase storage while using the vertical space.

One thing to remember is that buying a new desk or bookshelf shouldn’t prevent your child from storing their clothes and other essentials. In fact, as they get older, they’ll need even more space for their wardrobe! While selecting new pieces for their room, the existing system for organizing clothing and accessories may also need an update. Remember that you can save space by carefully organizing their closet, and selecting pieces like a loft or captain’s bed.