Gothic Furniture Little League Team Takes First Place in Championships

Gothic Little League 1BGothic Furniture is pleased to announce that their Texas division little league team has earned first place in the Bayside Little League championships. The team, which is comprised of eight and nine year olds, finished the regular season with a record of 13 – 1.

Nicholas Koutsoftas, one of the coaches, said that he was impressed with the dedication and perseverance the children showed when it came to developing their skills. He said, “They worked really hard. We had two practices a week in addition to our games and the children dedicated themselves to the process.”

He went on to say that, “We had a system in place and the kids not only learned the system, but executed it very well.” Their 13 – 1 record earned them a spot in the playoffs where they eventually took first place.

In the semifinal round they played the Tequila Sunrise team that was responsible for their only loss in the regular season. They practiced and prepared for the game and eventually won it 8 – 1. There were many players who played a part in the win and it was a full team effort.

Gothic Little League 1Aiden Rodriguez, the starting pitcher of the game, pitched four shutout innings. Angel Madrid knocked in an RBI early in the game, which gave our team the lead. The game really opened up in the fifth inning when Niko Rouzinos hit a single and Damien Iemma had an RBI double. At that point, Tommy Stathopoulos hit an inside the park home run. Nathan Tsikiotis and Oscar Connolly also had RBIs that resulted in the 8 – 1 lead, which ended up being the final score.

The win in the semifinals advanced them to the final championship round where they played Dime Community Bank. The game was scoreless until the third inning when Gothic experienced three walks in a row. Damien Iemma hit a single right after those walks that eventually cleared the bases. Gothic added two more runs to the score in the fifth inning when Nikitas Vlachos and Aiden Rodriguez both had RBIs. Damien Iemma pitched four shutout innings and Michael Psarros and Tommy Stathopoulos offered relief, pitching a shutout inning each. The final score was 5 – 0.

When asked to reflect on the season, Nicholas Koutsoftas expressed that it was a privilege to coach the team. He said, “It has been a tremendous honor to coach these boys who were so eager to learn the fundamentals of the sport.”

Gothic Little League 1AGothic Furniture Roster 2017 Little League Team Full Roster


Nicholas Koutsoftas

Ted Rouzinos

John Stathopoulos


Marcos Koutsoftas – Catcher

Niko Rouzinos – Second Base, Pitcher

Damien Iemma – Pitcher, First Base

Tommy Stathopoulos – Pitcher, Short Stop, First Base

Aiden Rodriquez – Pitcher, Third Base

Michael Psarros – Pitcher, Short Stop, Outfield

John Xenakis – Short Stop, Third Base, Pitcher

Nikitas Vlachos – Outfield, Second Base

Oscar Connolly – Outfield, Catcher

Nathan Tsikiotis – Outfield, Second Base

Angel Madrid – Outfield, Third Base


How to Arrange Your Furniture Like an Expert

On the surface, it may seem as if arranging furniture is a straightforward thing. You simply place the pieces in a way that allows them to fit well inside the room, right? Well, that’s only part of the story. Experts know that there’s more to it than that – there’s some artistry involved, as well. Here are some tips that will allow you to arrange your furniture like an expert:

Don’t Forget to Measure!

Before you begin arranging the furniture in a particular room, you’ll want to take some simple measurements. Although you’ll surely want to do this before you even buy the furniture pieces, even if you’ve already made your purchases, the measurements can help you place them optimally. Measure the room’s width and length, as well as any windows, doors, and notable features, such as a fireplace or stairway. You can even take this a step further and sketch a diagram of each room that will approximate how you will place the furniture.

Determine the Focal Point

If your room has something distinct about it, you will want to arrange the furniture using that feature as a focal point. For instance, if the room has a beautiful fireplace, you’ll want to make sure that it stands out. These features, which include things like attractive windows, fireplaces, and even a standout piece of furniture, become the focal point. Your goal is to place the furniture so that the eye is drawn to the focal point in the room.

Make the Room Inviting

productscoastercolorcairns_504904_oatmeal_b2__90428-1452621791-864-850When arranging your furniture like an expert, it is also important to make the room look inviting. It is important to select furniture that increases both the comfort and usefulness of the room. After you do that, the pieces should be placed in a way that maximizes the existing space. In particular, you’ll want to keep the entryways clear so that people won’t have an obstacle in their paths when trying to enter.

Don’t Clutter the Perimeter

One mistake people make when arranging their furniture is that they tend to place all their furniture on the edges. While this may not be entirely avoidable based on the size of the room, cramming the perimeter of a room with furniture will make the space look uninviting. Instead, place the largest furniture piece against the wall and then bring the rest of the furniture away from the edges to create a more dynamic and balanced look. This is a tip that expert interior designers always incorporate!

A well decorated home starts with expertly arranged furniture. After all your beautiful furniture pieces are in place, your next step is to add the finishing touches, such as selecting pictures to hang, choosing your curtains, and deciding on the throw pillows that you will place on your couch or on the beds.

Tips For Protecting Wood Furniture During a Move

Moving can be stressful — that much we know — but it doesn’t have to be as stressful as most moves usually turn out to be. Here are some tips on how to protect your wood furniture during a move, and how to make packing up your old home and unpacking into your new home much easier.

When you’re moving furniture, the pieces come in all different shapes, sizes and weights. Some pieces have doors that fly open, some have detachable parts, and some have drawers that can pop open. There are several tricks that we have used to be able to work around these inconvenient aspects to moving (are there any convenient aspects to moving?) that take a lot of stress out of the process.

If you’ve researched this topic enough, you will find that a lot of folks will suggest using shrink wrap as a means to keep doors, drawers and cabinets stationary during a move. This is not an ideal method when you are moving wood furniture. The thing about wood Armoirefurniture is that it is an organic material that needs to breathe. That means no shrink wrap, and certainly no bubblewrap directly on the wood, either. The best way to wrap furniture is with specialized fabric blankets that were specifically designed for moving furniture. If you insist on using bubblewrap, make sure that the specialized fabric blankets are what comes in direct contact with the wood furniture, with the bubblewrap serving almost as an insurance policy on the outside.

If you have any furniture with handles sticking out, in which the screw is exposed on the other side of the wood, unscrew the handle or knob and then screw it back on the opposite side. This will create a smooth surface that is easier for fitting the furniture into your method of transport, and also preventing any damage on the knobs or handles during the move. A little trick we like to use when flipping the handles or knobs around is taking a piece of tape and sticking it to the inside of the drawer. This will serve as a temporary method to opening the drawers until the furniture is moved into its new home. However, be very careful when using the tape on your wood furniture. Do not let the tape come in contact with the wood on the visible part of the furniture.

And while the primary focus of the information above has been about covering wooden pieces with parts that can fly open during a move, it should be noted that you should cover every single wooden piece that you are moving, regardless of if it has any parts that could open, in order to prevent scratching. Always remember to tie down your larger pieces of wooden furniture that are susceptible to falling over, and do your best to prevent stacking anything on top of your wooden furniture during the move.

If your wood furniture has removable legs, take them off if you can. It makes for a much safer moving experience when it comes to protecting your wood furniture if you can remove the legs, and then secure some padding on the top and bottom corners of the piece.

Types of Wood Furniture Guide

717_HO__43316.1362513480.864.850When it comes to buying furniture, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Choices include the style of furniture (classic, modern, contemporary), color, and even fabric. Even if you’ve narrowed down your choices to real wood furniture, there are still a lot of variations to consider. Here are a few of the most common types of wood and materials used in wood furniture. This guide can help you decide what type of wood would best match not only your design goals but your house and budget as well.

There are different species of the birch tree, which can result in variations in wood appearance. However, generally birch wood has a creamy white hue with patterns of brown sprinkled throughout. The wood is closed pore, which allows it to be stained and finished easily. When sanded, birch presents a nice and smooth finish. As birch is a hardwood, it is less susceptible to scratches and dents which makes birch wood furniture ideal for households that have pets or small children.

Oak is one of the most widely used hardwoods on the market. It is light in color, heavy, and strong. Thanks to rings within the oak tree, oak wood has a course texture and a noticeable grain. A favorite among craft furniture makers, Oak is the most popular wood for country-style American furniture. Because the oak tree itself grows slowly and has a long life-span the oak wood is incredibly strong and durable. Furniture made from oak is very durable. Although it is porous which requires an extra coat of stain or finish, oak furniture is not only built to last, it is just as beautiful unfinished thanks to its grain.

Unlike birch and oak that are both hardwoods, pine is actually a soft wood. Because of this, pine is verily easily carved and can be molded into a variety of shapes and designs. In addition to being easy to work with, pine is lighter in comparison to the other hardwoods, which means pine furniture is easier to move – which makes pine an ideal option for those in apartments and temporary housing who need to have furniture that transports well. Pine has a nice, even grain and is easy to paint and/or finish with wood stain.

Particleboard and MDF are popular building materials thanks to their low price point. Particleboard is basically wood chips and other wood waste products that are glued together and formed into sheets with a hot press. MDF is made the same as particleboard (wood materials glued together), but it is much denser. Particleboard is a staple material for ultra-low cost furniture stores and big box retailers. Usually particleboard furniture comes in pieces that the owner then has to assemble. Particleboard and MDF are weak building materials compared to real wood, and easily fall apart. Investing a little bit more in real wood furniture crafted out of materials like birch, oak, and pine will give you much more life and versatility than an economy grade particleboard unit.

Visit Our New Stores: King’s Plaza and Riverhead

Gothic Cabinet Craft is happy to announce the opening of two brand new Gothic locations in Brooklyn and in Riverhead. The expansion of Gothic with these two new stores makes Gothic Cabinet Craft one of the largest chains of furniture stores in the New York City area with almost 30 different locations. Aristidis Zaharopoulos, President of Gothic Cabinet Craft is ecstatic about the opening of the two new locations. “Our new stores solidify Gothic Cabinet Craft’s place as the premier manufacturer of unfinished, real wood furniture on the East Coast.”

Flatbush Avenue at King’s Plaza
Gothic Cabinet Craft’s newest location in Brooklyn is actually the chain’s second location on the famed Flatbush Avenue. The new store, located at 2494 Flatbush Avenue, is located across from the Kings Plaza Shopping Center. The King’s Plaza location is Gothic Cabinet’s Brooklyn flagship store and is one of the largest stores of the almost 30 Gothic Cabinet Craft locations. In addition to having one of the largest selections of Gothic Cabinet Craft’s real wood furniture, the store is also a custom design center.

Getting to the newest store couldn’t be easier. The new Gothic Cabinet Craft location is just minutes from the Belt Parkway, exit 11 N. Additionally, the B2, B9, B41, B46 buses all stop at a terminal right on Flatbush Avenue by the Plaza.

Riverhead Store Showroom

Riverhead, Long Island
The new Riverhead store on Long Island is actually Gothic’s 6th location on the island. Located at 1076 Old Country Rd in Riverhead, NY, the store is a prime location for Gothic Cabinet Craft customers who are looking to furnish vacation homes out on the island. Long Island customers can visit the store with ease as it is conveniently located right off of I-495. The Riverhead location is a custom design center where customers can work with a Gothic design expert to create furniture that matches their needs, styles, and budget.

Zaharopoulos says that “It has been a difficult 5 years, but Gothic has not given up on manufacturing real wood furniture in New York City. Unlike our competitors, we have not moved our operations from the United States for less expensive sourcing alternatives. We are committed to remaining true to our identity as a local furniture manufacturer.” Since opening its doors in 1969, Gothic Cabinet Craft has been committed to serving the Greater New York City metropolitan area. All Gothic furniture is built in New York, and the stores not only deliver locally, but can ship across the United States.