Gothic Cabinet Craft teams up with NYC Housing Authority to help Sandy victims.

Gothic Cabinet Craft teams up with NYC Housing Authority to help Sandy victims.

New York, NY – The NYC Housing Authority has organized a relief effort to help displaced people with temporary housing in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. In their efforts to restore a sense of home and stability for many people, the NYC Housing Authority contacted Gothic Cabinet Craft to lend a hand. Without hesitation, Gothic Cabinet Craft donated beds, mattresses, cribs, mirrors, and other various pieces of furniture to assist in the furnishing of these temporary homes.
This is not the first time Gothic and the NYC Housing Authority have worked together. Currently, Gothic is a vendor for a program operated by the NYC Housing Authority called the “Wizard’s Corner”. The program provides New York City children with a home office comprised of a desk and chair set. The desk set is sourced from Gothic Cabinet Craft. The program’s goal is to provide children with a home work space to help stimulate learning.

“Gothic Cabinet Craft was born in NYC. This is our home and we are greatly saddened by the loss our fellow citizens have suffered. The least we can do is donate some furniture. We are proud that the NYC Housing authority contacted us to help and for making us their partner in the Wizard’s program” says president of Gothic Cabinet Craft, Aristidis Zaharopoulos.

When it’s time to rebuild, rebuild within and think local.

We, at Gothic Cabinet Craft, would like to express our deepest concerns for the many families affected by Hurricane Sandy. The devastation may seem daunting, but it’s nothing that we as a city can’t get through together. New Yorkers are pretty resilient, and that’s why it’s going to take more than a hurricane to keep us from closing our doors.
We make furniture locally. That’s what we do.We’re very lucky that production wasn’t totally affected by the storm. Our factory is stocked with beds and mattresses for immediate delivery to the five boroughs. We want to help the way we know best, and that’s by providing quality furniture immediately and at affordable prices to New Yorkers in need.


When it’s time to rebuild what was lost, think local, think Gothic Cabinet Craft.