Tyler Perry Donates Gothic Furniture Bed to New York Track Star Family

vtS_1uLwIn November 2016, The View featured a family “whose strength and determination personifies what it means to be a champion.” Sisters Tai, Rainn, and Brooke Sheppard made headlines in the 2016 AAU Junior Olympics in Houston where they each won medals in track and field. However, their journey wasn’t an easy one. At the same time as they competed in the Junior Olympics, they were all sharing one bed in a homeless shelter in New York with their mom, Tonia Handy.

The View featured their story and debuted the cover of Sports Illustrated for Kids in which the Sheppard sisters were named Sports Illustrated Kids 2016 Sports Kids of the Year and featured on the cover. After seeing their story, entertainer Tyler Perry offered to find them a place to live and pay their rent for the next 2 years.

In May 2017, the family returned to The View to follow up on their story. They were told that they had to spend time out of their apartment so that it could be painted, however they were in for another surprise. Since they had been sleeping on air mattresses and didn’t have any furniture, Tyler Perry also paid to have the new apartment fully furnished by interior designer Mike Harrison.

One of the furniture pieces donated by Tyler Perry was a Gothic Cabinet Craft bed. The bed is a full size 12 drawer storage bed made out of birch with an antique cherry finish, handmade in New York. Gothic Furniture is honored that it was chosen as a vendor for this project.

Gothic Cabinet Craft was started in 1969 in New York City. With a focus on quality and affordability, designs have evolved into practical storage solutions for urban areas. Gothic Cabinet Craft is a family operated business that manufacturers affordable, real wood furniture for every room in the home.

To learn more about the Sheppard sisters and their story, The View segment can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa9-GN-uevs To learn more about Gothic Cabinet Craft, visit the website here: https://www.gothiccabinetcraft.com/.

What You Need to Know About Parawood

lg-BD59-4013__53088.1485488951.1280.1280Parawood is a type of wood that comes from the Par tree, also known as the rubber tree. Other names for this type of wood include rubberwood, Asian oak, and plantation hardwood. It originates in tropical climates and has many features that make it desirable to use for making furniture. These days, it can be found in a variety of products, such as shelving, tables, bedroom sets, and other pieces of furniture made of wood. Here’s a look at what parawood is and why it’s a good choice for furniture:

Where does parawood come from?

As mentioned above, parawood comes from the Para rubber tree that grows on plantations in tropical climates throughout India, Indonesia, and Central America. Besides being used for its wood, the sap is harvested and becomes latex. In fact, the trees are usually only harvested for wood after they can no longer be used for the sap. It is for this reason that people often consider it to be a more eco-friendly type of wood to use than some of the other choices on the market. In the past, once a mature tree was no longer able to produce the latex, it was burned.

What happens once parawood is harvested?

Once the parawood is harvested, it needs to be treated before it can be turned into furniture. In fact, although parawood is a fairly strong wood, it can’t be used until it has been treated since it is susceptible to fungal infections and insects. This chemical treatment process strengthens the wood’s resistance against these outside factors so that the finished furniture pieces will be disease and insect free.

What kind of furniture is best with parawood?

Parawood can be used to make any type of indoor furniture you want. It is a hardwood that has a medium density, which puts it in the same category as woods such as cherry, ash, and beech. Like other types of woods, it can be finished into different colors, which also makes this type of wood extremely versatile. This wood isn’t typically used for outdoor furniture since the rain can wash away some of the chemicals that are being used to protect the wood. Because the wood is fairly dense, it doesn’t shrink a lot when it is drying. This means that when it does come time to make the furniture, the pieces that are produced are structurally stable. Besides furniture, it is also used to manufacture toys and kitchen utensils.

Parawood is a popular type of wood that comes from the Para rubber tree. Once the tree matures and can no longer produce latex, it is then harvested to use for building furniture and other consumer goods.

4 Furniture Pieces for Your Outdoor Patio

53918set__57135.1428078068.864.850If you have an outdoor patio, you’ll certainly want to use it as often as you can. When designed properly, your patio can be a huge source of enjoyment during the summer months. However, if it isn’t designed well, using the outdoor space can be frustrating. The good news is that with the right furniture, your patio will live up to its full potential. Here’s a look at the best furniture pieces to have for your outdoor patio:


Chairs are essential pieces of furniture to have on your patio. However, the chairs you use will depend on the space’s overall purpose. If you plan on eating outdoors a lot in the summer, you’ll want enough chairs to fit around the perfect outdoor dining table to suit your needs. For example, if you have a large family, you’ll want a table with enough space for all the chairs you’d need. If you only plan on using the space for lounging, you’ll need a variety of comfortable outdoor chairs and lounge chairs that will be perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Types of chairs you can use include side chairs, loungers, armchairs, folding chairs, Adirondack chairs, and even benches.


Tables are also important pieces of furniture for your outdoor patio. Depending on what you are using the space for, however, you will need different types of tables. If you plan on eating some outdoor meals during the warmer months, you’ll want a dining table that is large enough to suit your needs. If you are only using the patio for relaxing and lounging, you will need smaller accent tables in close proximity to the chairs so that people can have a place to rest their things. Tables to use include dining tables, folding tables, and accent tables.


 Depending on how much natural shade your patio has, you may want to include a few umbrellas in the design. Besides, umbrellas do more than just offer shade. They can also help you enjoy the outdoor space even while it’s raining. You can buy umbrellas that are designed to stand on their own, insert into a table, or attach themselves to a lounge chair. However, keep in mind that the standalone umbrellas are the most versatile because they can be moved to any location.


Although footstools aren’t completely necessary, including them in your furniture design scheme can increase the comfort level of those who will be using the space. Sure, it is possible to do without them, but people do appreciate having a place to put their feet. While lounge chairs usually do have a space for you to rest your feet, footstools and ottomans can allow people sitting in upright chairs an extra level of comfort.

In order to best furnish your outdoor living area you need to use furniture that has been designed for the outdoors. If you can’t find exactly what you need, consider having some outdoor furniture custom made to your exact specifications.

Tips for Choosing Children’s Furniture

childrens furnitureSelecting furniture for a child’s room has its own unique set of difficulties. You not only need to stock the room with furniture that your child will love, but it also has to meet certain requirements. Issues such as whether or not the furniture is safe for their age group, budget, and even how well the furniture will adapt as your child grows should all be under consideration. Here’s a look at some of the things you should think about when buying the pieces that will furnish your child’s room:

Create a Budget

Before you even start looking at furniture, you should know approximately how much you would like to spend. This will help you focus your efforts while shopping and it will prevent you and your child from getting attached to furniture that you can’t afford. Just remember that the amount you plan to spend should be sensible. Start by making a list of all the furniture the room needs so that you can make a realistic prediction of your overall costs.

Make Safety Your First Priority

When shopping for kid’s furniture from a reputable seller, it goes without saying that the pieces all meet certain safety requirements. However, you should take that one step further by considering the unique needs of your child before making the purchase. For example, if your child has a tendency to move around a lot when sleeping, you’ll want to purchase a bed that will be the most comfortable for his or her needs. With that being said, you should always double check the safety information on each piece you buy to make sure the furniture is age-appropriate.

Choose Pieces He or She Won’t Outgrow

It is also important to select furniture pieces that your child won’t easily outgrow. Even when furnishing a nursery, you’re still able to select furniture that can stay in the room for a while. Although you will eventually get rid of the crib and changing station, for example, you can purchase a dresser that will still suit your child as he or she gets older. The same strategy can be applied to every piece of furniture that you will buy, such as beds, desks, and bookshelves.

Involve Your Child in the Decisions

Although you may be tempted to make all the selections for your child, this may not be the best approach. It doesn’t matter how young your child is – he or she will still be thrilled to be involved with the process. Many parents fear involving children in this process because they fear that their expectations will be unrealistic. However, you can always brainstorm ways to honor their requests while also making the room as comfortable and versatile as possible.

Buying furniture for a child’s room involves more than just selecting the pieces and placing them in the room. These tips will help you find the pieces that both you and your child will love!

How to Know Which Wood Finish to Choose

pan100__42377-1459276302-864-850One of the benefits of buying unfinished furniture is that you have full control as to which kind of wood finish you choose. Wood finishing is defined as the process of protecting and beautifying the furniture and highlighting its natural beauty after the piece is made. However, there are so many choices on the market, it can be a challenge deciding which option is right for you. Here’s a look at your options:


Some people opt to finish their wood with dye. The benefit of doing this is that dye is subtle and can enhance the color of the wood without being too overpowering. It is also great for enhancing the natural look of the wood. It is also a good choice if the wood has several different colors. Dye is used to balance these colors. The downside is that dye by itself doesn’t protect the wood. It needs to be paired with something else, such as wax or varnish.


There are a few main reasons why you might choose to varnish the wood rather than use other finishes. As mentioned above, when finishing wood with dye, it needs to be paired with something else that protects the wood. Varnish is a popular choice to be used over dye because it enhances the color of the dye while also giving the wood an additional amount of protection. Varnish is also both decorative and durable, and can be found in both water-based and oil-based formulas.


Stain is one of the most popular choices when it comes to finishing wood. One of the biggest benefits of using it is that it soaks deep into the wood, which not only beautifully enhances its natural color, but also protects, and often preserves, the wood. You can find both water-based and oil-based formulas, as well as those that have either a gloss or matte finish. If you’re looking for a better choice for the environment, stick to a water-based formula.


Wax is a type of finish that goes on clear, which means that unless you want to simply protect the natural color of the wood, you might not want to use this option. However, if you decide to dye the wood, you could apply a coat of wax over the dye to protect the wood. As mentioned above, dye doesn’t preserve and protect the wood and needs to be paired with something else. There are both oil-based and water-based waxes available on the market.

Knowing which wood finish to choose can be difficult because each option has its own positive and negative qualities. At the end of the day, you want to choose the one that is best for the wood, matches your existing décor, and matches your lifestyle. If you’re still unsure of which to choose, you may want to contact the furniture manufacturer. They often have a recommended list of options that they feel will best beautify and protect the wood.

How to Select the Best Dining Room Table for Your Needs

When it comes to choosing a dining room table, it isn’t a simple matter of finding a style that you like and buying it. The truth is, dining tables come in a variety of different styles, woods, and colors, which means that you need to really consider your options before you make a purchase. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best dining table for your needs:

Measure the Space

Have you ever visited a showroom, only to realize that you couldn’t visualize whether or not a piece of furniture would fit in your space? To eliminate this problem, you should measure the space where the table will go before you start shopping around. Once you measure it, you may not even need to visit a showroom and can order the table online with confidence. Knowing the measurements will help you find a table that is a perfect fit in your dining room.

Decide on the Style

coaster_100500__33891-1291654426-864-850After you measure the space, it’s time to decide on the overall style of the table. First, you’ll want to determine the size and shape, such as circular, octagonal, rectangular, or square. In many situations, the table shape you choose will have a lot to do with how much space you have. If you don’t have a large dining room, selecting a rectangular table that seats ten might be out of the question. Consider buying a table in a smaller shape, such as a square dining room table or a table that has the ability to seat more but only if the extension is installed. If your space is fairly large, you can likely choose any style you want because at that point, it would just be a matter of personal preference. At this stage, you’ll also want to select the type of wood and the color that the table will be.

Make Sure it Matches Your Décor

One thing to keep in mind is that the dining room table is more than a functional piece of furniture. It is usually the focal point of the dining room, which means that some care needs to be taken to make sure that the style matches your existing décor. Whether you are designing the look of the room from scratch, or you are simply looking for a table to replace one that was already there, you need to make sure that the style makes sense with the décor. Although the concept of “style” is completely subjective, there are some basic guidelines to follow. For example, if all of the furniture in the dining room uses a certain wood type and stain, you will want to find a dining table that matches the décor.

Follow this advice to choose a great table that will look stunning in your dining room!

Discover the Best Bookcase for Your Needs

A bookcase is one of those pieces of furniture that we tend to take for granted. In fact, we don’t even notice that we need one until we have items to store that don’t have a home! The truth is, bookshelves can be used for more than just storing books – they can also be used for storage, decorative purposes, and more. Here’s an overview of how to find the right bookcase for your needs:

Determine the Purpose of the Bookcase

book50__03621.1458933923.864.850Before you select a bookcase, it is a good idea to know what it will be used for ahead of time. This is such a versatile piece of furniture. You can do nearly anything you want with it! For instance, if you know that you will be using it to store decorative elements, you will want to select a style that is decorative in its own way. If you know that you will be cramming it with books, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a unit big enough for all the books you have. Different bookcases are built to serve different purposes, too. For instance, a large wall unit can be used to provide additional storage in a home office or even in the family room. The possibilities are endless, which is why you need to have a plan before you make the purchase.

Measure the Area

One of the first things you need to do before buying a bookcase is measure the space where you want to place it. If you don’t take the time to measure, you could end up with a bookshelf that is either too small or too large. Don’t forget to measure the vertical space, as well. Your goal is to find the unit that best fits your space. For instance, if you have a tall ceiling but not a lot of floor space, you’ll want to choose something that has a lot of height but that has a narrower width so that you can store as many items as possible on it.

Consider the Size of the Shelves

Do you need to find a home for a lot of items that all have different sizes? If so, you should consider buying a bookcase with shelves that can be adjusted! Having full control over the way the shelves are spaced is the easiest way to make sure you have enough room. This means that you can easily use it to hold taller items, such as a vase or a large book, that wouldn’t fit on smaller shelves. Otherwise, you would need to measure all the items you will be placing on the shelves so that you can buy the correct unit.

There are bookcases out there to suit just about every purpose, so it’s important to take a calculated approach so that you can be sure to select the right style for your needs.

How to Keep Your Furniture Looking Like New

You spend money on your furniture, so it stands to reason that you’ll always want it to look great. However, if you don’t take care of your furniture, it won’t look pristine for long! The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do that will help it look great for years to come. Here are some of our favorite ways to keep furniture looking like new:

Buy Quality Furniture

One of the easiest ways to make sure that your furniture always looks great is to buy a high quality piece in the first place. In fact, you can even go a step further and buy a really well made piece of furniture and then finish it yourself. Too often, manufacturers spend all of their resources actually designing the furniture and then skimp on materials, particularly the finishes. When you stain the furniture yourself, you have total control over the type of stain that you use, which means that you’re more likely to use a finish that is of the highest quality.

Protect from Heavy Use

ESPRESSO__04753.1465931575.1280.1280Furniture can sustain damage if it isn’t protected from the wear and tear of everyday use. For instance, for upholstery you can treat the fabric with a stain protector, which will prevent stains from setting so that you can easily remove them. When it comes to wood, you can protect pieces that get a lot of use, such a coffee table, with a glass or fiberglass top. Making sure to always use coasters when placing beverages on wood surfaces can also help keep it looking pristine.

Clean Spills Quickly

How quickly do you react when you spill something on the wood? If you wait even just a few minutes before cleaning it up, this can actually cause a considerable amount of damage over time. The key to reacting quickly is to have items close by that will help you clean up after yourself. That way, if you spill wine on the coffee table, you’ll be able to reach the paper towels before the wine can seep into the wood and stain it.

Follow a Regular Schedule

No matter what kind of furniture you have, whether it’s made of wood or involves upholstery, you need to make sure that you follow a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. For instance, even if you vacuum your couch on a weekly basis, you will still want to get it professionally cleaned at least once a year. The same is true for your wood furniture. Simply wiping it with a dust cloth may not be enough. Check with the furniture manufacturer for advice on the best way to care for your pieces over the long term. They may even be able to recommend some cleaning products that you can use.

When you spend money on furniture, it stands to reason that you’ll want it to last a long time. By following this advice, your pieces will always look like new!

6 Ways to Use Storage Boxes

If you need to find more storage space in your home, storage boxes can help. The secret is to choose storage boxes that are well crafted so that they serve a dual purpose – you want them to look beautiful but also be practical enough to store your belongings. Here are some ideas on what you can store in these decorative boxes:


Does your child’s room always look cluttered? Chances are pretty good that his toys are to blame! Instead of letting him keep them on the floor, place all of his toys in the toy chest 219__79982.1423757780.1280.1280and encourage him to only take out what he’ll use for his play session. When he’s done playing, he can simply put the toys back into the chest. This will not only control the clutter, but also get him into the habit of cleaning up after himself.


Do you struggle finding room to put your linens? Storage chests are perfect for the job because they’re large enough to fit all the linens that you’ll need for a particular room without taking up a lot of space. They are the perfect size to store items such as extra sets of sheets, towels, and even large blankets.

Kitchen Items

Storage boxes are ideal for storing kitchen items that you don’t use often. This is especially useful if you don’t have enough cabinet space. You can use storage boxes to hold things like pots and appliances that you don’t use often, but that you don’t want to give away. That way, you can use your cabinet space for items that you use regularly.


Is your closet too small to hold all your shoes? If so, consider buying an extra storage chest or two to store them! You can also use them to store seasonal items, such as sandals and winter boots. Just take them out of the chest at the change of seasons and return them when they’re no longer needed.

Outdoor Items

Unless you have a garage or shed, it can be hard to find the space to store all of your outdoor tools and accessories. If you don’t have enough space outside to store what you need, consider buying a few storage boxes! These can easily hold outdoor items such as outdoor toys, gardening supplies, and barbecue items. They’re big enough to hold everything that you need without wasting valuable yard space!


No matter how big or small your home is, you’ll still need to find room for all your tools. Instead of taking up a lot of space in your home, you can contain all your tools to one storage bench! Most people don’t need their tools on a daily basis, but find that they need to have them accessible when they are needed. Placing a storage box filled with all your necessary tools is a great way to save space.

Even if space is at a premium in your home, storage boxes can help you get organized!

Why You Should Use Custom Furniture

When it comes to decorating your home, chances are pretty good that you know exactly what you want. Finding it, however, can be a challenge. Instead of buying furniture pieces that don’t quite get the job done, you should consider buying custom furniture. Here’s why:

Save Valuable Time

Buying all the right furniture for your home can be time consuming. Depending on how many rooms you need to furnish at once, it can suck up more time than you have. Buying custom furniture can make things much easier. All you need to do is measure your space, describe exactly what you want, and wait for the piece to be finished. When you buy ready-made furniture, you run the risk of finding pieces that don’t quit meet your needs. So, you either need to keep looking, which takes up a lot of time, or have something made that will be perfect.

Better Functionality

Shopping for furniture can be frustrating, especially if you’re looking to address a specific need. In other words, when shopping for furniture you could be looking for a piece that has a specific functionality. For instance, if you have a small space but need additional wardrobe storage, you may want to have an armoire custom made that will fit into that ChestsClosetAroundBed2__08973.1437243277.864.850space. In this case, visiting multiple stores to find the armoire that you want can be unproductive, especially if it isn’t a standard size. In order to truly get what you want, you’ll need to have it made.

Better Value

Even though having furniture made may not be the less expensive option, it is certainly a better use of your money, which makes it a much better value. Sure, there are plenty of worthwhile, ready-made pieces on the market. However, as you may have found, the majority of them don’t quite meet your approval. How much money are you really saving by compromising and buying pieces that don’t quite meet your needs? These pieces don’t give you the best value because they fall short. When you consider how satisfied you will be with something that has been made to your specifications, it makes the slight bump in price completely worth it.

Completely Unique

Because you played a part in the design process, your custom-made furniture is completely unique. Whether you were motivated by functionality or you simply wanted it to look a certain way, chances are pretty good that you have a one-of-a-kind creation on your hands. If you love originality, buying custom furniture is a great option for you! It’s your chance to buy something no one else has! Not only that, but you also have the chance to contribute to the design process. The end result is that you’ll end up with a piece that finds a nice balance between functionality and originality.

Instead of buying furniture that has already been made, consider buying custom pieces, instead!

How to Keep Wood Furniture Looking Like New

When you buy wood furniture, you’ll certainly want it to always look its best. Because wood furniture is so durable, it’s easy to keep it looking like new, as long as you know what to do. Here are some ideas on how to keep wood furniture looking its best.

Keep it Clean 

P132-CM3100T-54-CentralParkII__65253.1298391530.864.850One of the best ways to keep your furniture looking like new is to clean it on a regular basis. There are a lot of good furniture cleaners on the market, most of which should be used on a daily basis. If the furniture gets a lot of use, you’ll also want to polish it on a regular schedule. While furniture cleaner gets rid of dust and grime, furniture polish offers an extra layer of protection against damage such as watermarks or scratches. There are some products on the market that do both, polish and clean. As a general guideline, try to clean your furniture at least once a week and polish it once a month.

Protect it From Water Damage

Water can cause a lot of damage to wood because it can harm both the wood finish and the wood itself. Much of it depends on how long the water sits on the surface. Another issue is that excess moisture can also cause mold to grow. Water damage is also very difficult to clean. The best strategy is to prevent it from happening in the first place! Wipe down your furniture as soon as you get water on it. If there’s damage, contact the furniture manufacturer for tips on how to get rid of the damage. If there’s a lot of damage, you may need to refinish the piece.

Prevent Scratches 

Scratches can be very difficult to get out of furniture. There are scratch repair kits available on the market, but this only works up to a point. If the scratches are too deep, the best approach is to refinish it so that you can buff out any dings. However, the best approach is to prevent them in the first place! If you’re hard on your furniture, you may want to give it more than one coat of polyurethane. Also, polishing the furniture on a regular schedule can help prevent minor scratches.

Adjust the Climate 

Furniture that’s in a climate controlled environment looks like new for longer. Extreme temperatures, humidity, and poor airflow can all have a negative effect on the way the furniture looks. In order to keep it looking like new, it’s best to have a climate-controlled environment. The main thing is to keep the humidity as low as possible and the temperature at a comfortable level. If you find the climate to be fairly comfortable, chances are pretty good that it will be okay for your furniture, too.

These strategies can help you keep your furniture looking new for as long as possible!

4 Ways to Use an Armoire

Armoires are both visually interesting and practical. Whenever extra storage space is needed, the armoire is one of those furniture pieces that can store extra items while adding, not detracting, to the room’s décor. Here are some ways that you can use armoires while organizing your home:

Organize Your Entry Space

When your entryway doesn’t have a closet, it can be all too easy for clutter to develop and if there is no closet, it can be especially frustrating. This is the ideal space to store jackets, 3105_A_closed__89675.1461335632.864.850shoes, and accessories such as umbrellas and hats. An armoire solves this problem nicely because there is more than enough space to store everything that you need. Many armoires even have a rod for hanging clothes!

Expand Your Closet

If you’re unhappy with the size of your bedroom closet, or you don’t even have a closet, it can be difficult to find enough space to store all your clothes. Sure, you can always buy a dresser, but this doesn’t completely solve the problem because there’s no place to hang your clothes! An armoire, however, is the perfect solution because most pieces enable you to hang clothes, while also having some drawers for additional storage. You’re much better off buying an armoire, or two, than you are trying to cram your clothing into dresser drawers.

Use it as a Linen Closet

Are you looking for a great way to store all your household’s linens and towels? The nice thing about storing them in an armoire is that you can put the armoire in a centralized location without detracting from the décor in the room. In fact, the armoire can be the focal point! If you have a lot of linens, you can even buy more than one piece – one to place near the bathroom to store all your towels, and another that you can place in the dining room to store linens such as table cloths and cloth napkins.

Create a Makeshift Office 

One of the challenges of living in a small space is that it can be hard finding room for your home office. By using an armoire, however, you can easily solve this problem. Most armoires have enough room to store the computer, printer, office supplies, and anything else that can typically be found in a home office. When you’re not using the items, all you need to do is close the door and no one will even know that the armoire is actually your office!

As you can see, the armoire can store anything you want, without creating additional clutter. The next time you need to find more space in your home, consider buying one of these beautiful furniture pieces to elegantly create as much space as you need!

Bring Out Unfinished Furniture’s Natural Beauty

Are you considering buying unfinished furniture? When most people set out to buy furniture, they look for stained pieces that match their décor. However, unfinished furniture can add another element of versatility because you can customize it however you want it to look. People often buy it to save money, and they’ll often stain the piece themselves. Wood is naturally beautiful and leaving it “as is” is worth considering, as well. Here are some reasons why it’s better to buy unfinished furniture and then stain it yourself: 

Free From Imperfections

Most unfinished furniture pieces have a minimal amount of imperfections, if any. Often, manufacturers will buff out any nicks and dings before staining. If you’ve purchased the IMG_0509__29390.1460661146.864.850furniture new, chances are pretty good that the pieces are as close to flawless as they can get because they don’t want customers to see them. Keeping the furniture bare or stained with a light finish will highlight how flawless it is.

It’s Naturally Beautiful

Wood that is left in its natural state is beautiful. It doesn’t matter if the natural color of the wood is light or dark. The fact that each piece is unique and has its own pattern of knots and rings makes it appealing to the eye. In fact, natural wood furniture is striking. Even though staining the wood can make it unique, leaving it natural can make it unique in its own way. Because it’s fairly unexpected to decorate with natural wood furniture, it will definitely make a statement.

Embrace the Rustic Look

Decorating your apartment or home with the “rustic look” is a big trend right now. The look is centered on natural elements, such as natural wood, marble, and other design elements that are inspired by the outdoors. You can easily make the unfinished furniture the focal point of the decorating scheme. From there, you can work in other design elements such as dark wood floors, marble countertops, and even polished metal.

Increased Versatility

Unfinished furniture gives you greater versatility. As your decorating scheme changes, you can always stain the furniture at a later date. Keeping the piece in its pure state when you first get it allows you to enjoy the beauty of the wood while it’s still flawless. In other words, buying unfinished furniture and keeping it that way allows you to be more versatile over the long term.

Unfinished furniture gives you a greater amount of versatility because you can choose a stain that will match the look you’re trying to go for. If you decide to leave it in its naturally state, you might want to give it a coat or two of polyurethane, which is oil based, or polyacrylic, which is water based, before you start using it. However, using both wood stain and a polyurethane or polyacrylic coating will optimize the natural beauty of the wood.

How To Clean Wood Furniture

As you may have heard by now, wood furniture is quite the worthy investment because it can last you a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean that it will stay clean for that long.

Durability should be one of the top factors in your decision-making process when you are looking to bring a new piece of furniture into your home. If durability ranks high among your list of qualifications when shopping for furniture, then it is safe to assume that you made the smart choice in purchasing a nice piece of wood furniture, instead of going with 102271__27453.1387054572.864.850a cheap, build-it-yourself collection of particleboard. Being that wood furniture is higher quality, more delicate than other furniture options, and an investment worthy of protecting, we are going to give you some tips on how to keep your furniture clean, all while protecting its surfaces and upholding its great quality.

Now, this may come as a surprise, but the first piece of advice in regards to cleaning your furniture is that less is more. The chemicals in most cleaning products could be harmful to the wood’s surface, so for varnished wood furniture, simply cleaning the surface with a little bit of water and a microfiber cloth should do the trick. The microfiber cloth is very gentle on the surface, and helps to remove any dust, hair from pets or anything else that may have unwelcomingly made its home on your wood furniture. If the wood surface is unfinished, you’re going to want to skip the application of water to the cloth and clean the surface with just a dry microfiber cloth. Using water to clean an unfinished surface can do more harm that good, including warping the smoothness to the wood’s surface. Also, when it comes to unfinished furniture, regular dusting is necessary to prevent the raw wood from darkening.

Another tip to keeping your wood surfaces in great condition is preventative care. Spills are going to happen, but as long as you clean them up quickly, then you likely will be able to avoid any permanent damage to your wood surface. Also, coasters are a wood surface’s best friend. No matter what kind of furniture we’re talking about here, if you can set a drink on it, there should be a coaster underneath it.

In addition to the preventative methods for taking care of your wood furniture, there are some tactics for preserving your furniture that often go overlooked. For example, keep your wood furniture out of the sun. Kitchen tables or bureaus by the window are at risk for damage over time, as the sun can alter fine finishes by fading them, as well as drying out the wood surface, which will cause cracks if exposed to sunlight for too long. Speaking of the placement of your wood furniture within your home, you should also remember that it is important to keep your wood furniture away from any heating units or vents that you may have in your home. The dry heat from these sources have a similar effect to what the sun can do in that it will dry out the wood, which in turn can cause cracks in the surface.

How To Paint Unfinished Hardwood Furniture

In today’s world, we live in a throwaway society. Nobody ever wants to fix anything anymore. When something breaks, we just run out and buy a brand new replacement for it. When people want to change things up around the house, they buy something completely new to take its place.

We also live in a society that is keen to saving money. Take furniture, for example. Hardwood furniture is a great long-term investment for any consumer to make, especially when the quality of the wood can last you several decades. Investing in hardwood furniture is a smart choice that will end up saving you a significant amount of money over the years. While others will be throwing money away on particleboard furniture that will only last a maximum of five years, you will have high quality hardwood furniture in your home that could last you a lifetime.

Herein lies the problem, though. While it is a tremendous value to invest in any kind of hardwood furniture due to its longevity, the problem is that the customer might not want to have the same looking furniture for an entire lifetime. That’s completely understandable, book2__07483.1458594101.864.850and there are ways to work around that so that you are getting the full lifespan of your furniture, and the full value of your initial investment, without having to commit to the same exact look of your furniture for several decades. The economical solution to achieving that new look is really simple: paint your hardwood furniture. A little “do it yourself” project might seem a little overwhelming to some, but the process behind painting unfinished wood is easier than you think.

First thing’s first, you’re going to want to protect the area that you’re painting the furniture on. Grab an old bed sheet, and lay it down on the ground to protect the surface. Now, before you start priming the furniture, you will need to determine whether or not the surface needs to be sanded first. If there are any bumps or knots on the surface of the furniture, you’re going to need to sand the surface down until it is completely smooth. Once the surface has passed the smooth test, make sure you wipe the surface down with a cloth to remove any dust or wood shavings.

When you begin the priming process, considering using a spray primer, as it will cover much more of the surface of the furniture, and it’s much easier to avoid streaks and drip marks this way. Other methods would include using a sponge brush or even just a regular paintbrush, but using a spray primer is the fastest and most effective way to apply a primer. Wait for the primer to be 100% dry before you begin painting the furniture.

For flat surfaces, use the same kind of paint-roller that you would use to paint a wall. A paintbrush also works fine here, but the paint-roller is much more effective and faster. If you’re painting a piece of furniture that is not a flat surface or has areas that are unreachable with a paint-roller, then a sponge brush or a paintbrush will be what you’ll want to go with. It’s important to make sure that the paint is being evenly distributed and in a manner that would avoid any bumps in the paint. Once the paint dries, it’s up to you to determine whether or not a second coat is necessary. But if you use a primer, more often than not, just one coat is all you will need. Good luck!