4 Ways to Care for Your Wood Furniture


productscoastercolor70403--181734809_704038-b1__25985.1490717066.864.850High quality wood furniture is a beautiful addition to any home. It also has the potential to last for years to come, especially with the right care. When mistreated, furniture can look old and worn after a short time, but when cared for correctly, it can last for generations. Here’s a look at what you can do to make your furniture look like new for years to come:

Develop Habits that Protect the Furniture

Our everyday habits have a direct impact on how the furniture looks. Things like water damage and wear and tear from using the furniture can take its toll. For example, placing a glass filled with water directly on a wood table can cause damage. Simple fixes, such as using coasters and placing mats and pads on wood surfaces while using the furniture can all help extend its life.

Prevent Damage From Heat and Light 

One of the biggest ways that you can protect your wood furniture is to make sure that you avoid both heat and light. High temperatures can dry out the wood and cause small cracks. Over time, these cracks will get deeper and the end result is that your furniture will look old and worn very quickly. Damage from the sun’s rays can also cause this to happen. Avoiding both high temperatures and light helps maintain the moisture levels of your furniture and will help it look great almost indefinitely.

Be Careful When Dusting Furniture

Although it may seem like an easy and harmless task, dusting can actually cause a considerable amount of damage. It can also hurt the wood to keep it dirty because deposits that settle on the furniture can damage the surface of wood. The key is to approach it the right way. First, you need to be careful what you dust with. Choose a soft cloth or duster that won’t scratch the surface. Stick with clean, dry cloths or feather dusters in order to get the job done. When you dust, be sure to do so with the grain of the wood.

Know the Right Way to Clean

Simply dusting the furniture isn’t enough – you need to clean it, as well. There are many cleaning products on the market that claim to clean and polish wood, but not every product is created equally. Be sure to use products that are specially formulated for wood care. All-purpose cleaners are too harsh and can damage the wood. If you have questions as to which products to use, it is best to call the manufacturer for recommendations. Follow the instructions on the package once you do buy a cleaning product for optimum results.

Wood furniture has the potential to look great for a long time. By properly caring for your wood furniture, you will ensure that it lasts for years.