Bedroom Design Ideas for Tall People


Extra Long Captains BedWhen designing a bedroom, height isn’t always one of the things that people consider. We choose a bed, furniture for storage, and other accessories and think that our jobs are done. However, this isn’t necessarily the case, especially for people who are a little taller than average. Simple things, such as the height of a set of shelves or the length of the bed, need special attention. Here’s more information about how to design a bedroom for people that are taller than average:

Selecting a Bedroom

Comfort is the number one concern when it comes to designing a bedroom for those who are tall, and it all starts with the bedroom itself. The room needs to be large enough to accommodate the bulkier furniture. Another issue is that the ceilings need to be of a good height. Too short, and some taller people may actually graze the ceiling with their heads, which can be very frustrating.

Choosing a Bed

Before you can design the rest of the bedroom, you should take the time to choose a great bed. In this case, not all beds are created equally. Tall people can benefit from as much length and width as possible to accommodate the longer span of their bodies. If you don’t choose a bed that is long enough, a taller person will find their bed to be uncomfortable. Queen sized beds, king sized beds, and any bed that is labeled “extra long” are the best bets for those who are tall.

Select Larger Storage

Another thing that people often forget is that taller people also have larger clothes. This means that the furniture the clothes need to be stored in need to also be on the larger side. Before selecting a dresser or chest, it is a good idea to assess the amount of clothes and accessories that will need to be stored and be sure to buy the pieces that are large enough to fit everything.

Organize Your Closet

Closets are often one of the most underutilized sections of a bedroom. Conventional closet design, which basically involves hanging a shelf and mounting a rod for the hangers, is usually inefficient. For tall people, closets need to be organized to accommodate the size and length of their clothing. The rod and shelves may need to be hung a little higher than usual, for example, in order to fit everything. Closet design systems can also help increase storage, as long as it is designed with a tall person in mind.

When most people buy furniture for their bedroom, they usually just buy what they like and don’t give it much thought beyond that. In the case of a tall person, however, this isn’t the case. Special consideration needs to be taken when designing the room because it needs to accommodate their height. Consider having furniture custom made if you can’t find what you need.