Bedroom Design Ideas for Short People


birch_6_drw_cap__09028.1495311686.864.850Do you need to design your bedroom? If this is the case, it is important to understand that your height is something to consider. Most of the time, we select our bed, arrange our furniture, and mount shelving without even thinking about how our own size can affect the furniture arrangements. Here’s a look at what to think about when it comes to designing your bedroom if you’re shorter than average:

Choosing a Bed

It is true that the bed is the most important part of your bedroom, so it is important to take the time to choose the right one. Your goal is to select a bed that is comfortable for you and that also fits well in the room. Although any size bed will likely be appropriate, some people do have issues in a bed that is too large. Think about your own sleeping patterns when selecting the bed that is right for you. Another important consideration to make is in choosing the mattress. Thinner mattresses are much more comfortable because they make it easier to climb into bed.

Selecting Dressers and Chests

While people who are taller than average need to select furniture that is big enough for their oversized clothes, the opposite is true for shorter people. While larger-sized dressers will give you plenty of storage, having drawers that are too deep or a chest that is too tall can be a nuisance, especially if you need something to step on in order to get to the top drawer or the top of the chest.

Buying the Right Chair

One of the biggest problems shorter people face with furniture is the fact that some chairs and couches are simply uncomfortable for them. When the chair is too tall or the seat itself is too long, the shorter person’s legs don’t fit correctly. For example, if the seat is too long, the legs won’t curl comfortably over the edge of the seat and will end up sticking straight out. If the legs of the chair or sofa are too long, their feet won’t touch the ground.

Creating Extra Storage

Another place that shorter people need to be careful is when organizing the storage for their rooms. If the storage solutions are out of reach, this will make things very frustrating. Your best bet is to accommodate your size whenever you can. For example, shorter people will find that they are much more comfortable using lower bookshelves, or even purchasing wall units that already come equipped with ladders.

When it’s time to design your bedroom, you’ll want to consider your height. If you are shorter than average, every choice you make should accommodate your stature. Consider having some furniture custom made if you are having trouble finding what you need.