How to Arrange Your Furniture Like an Expert


On the surface, it may seem as if arranging furniture is a straightforward thing. You simply place the pieces in a way that allows them to fit well inside the room, right? Well, that’s only part of the story. Experts know that there’s more to it than that – there’s some artistry involved, as well. Here are some tips that will allow you to arrange your furniture like an expert:

Don’t Forget to Measure!

Before you begin arranging the furniture in a particular room, you’ll want to take some simple measurements. Although you’ll surely want to do this before you even buy the furniture pieces, even if you’ve already made your purchases, the measurements can help you place them optimally. Measure the room’s width and length, as well as any windows, doors, and notable features, such as a fireplace or stairway. You can even take this a step further and sketch a diagram of each room that will approximate how you will place the furniture.

Determine the Focal Point

If your room has something distinct about it, you will want to arrange the furniture using that feature as a focal point. For instance, if the room has a beautiful fireplace, you’ll want to make sure that it stands out. These features, which include things like attractive windows, fireplaces, and even a standout piece of furniture, become the focal point. Your goal is to place the furniture so that the eye is drawn to the focal point in the room.

Make the Room Inviting

productscoastercolorcairns_504904_oatmeal_b2__90428-1452621791-864-850When arranging your furniture like an expert, it is also important to make the room look inviting. It is important to select furniture that increases both the comfort and usefulness of the room. After you do that, the pieces should be placed in a way that maximizes the existing space. In particular, you’ll want to keep the entryways clear so that people won’t have an obstacle in their paths when trying to enter.

Don’t Clutter the Perimeter

One mistake people make when arranging their furniture is that they tend to place all their furniture on the edges. While this may not be entirely avoidable based on the size of the room, cramming the perimeter of a room with furniture will make the space look uninviting. Instead, place the largest furniture piece against the wall and then bring the rest of the furniture away from the edges to create a more dynamic and balanced look. This is a tip that expert interior designers always incorporate!

A well decorated home starts with expertly arranged furniture. After all your beautiful furniture pieces are in place, your next step is to add the finishing touches, such as selecting pictures to hang, choosing your curtains, and deciding on the throw pillows that you will place on your couch or on the beds.