3 Alternatives to a Traditional Desk


Desks_Coaster_800779_b__74011.1355778091.864.850Desks are an important part of any household, whether you work from home or not. A desk gives you a place to pay your bills, write emails, and even complete a craft project. Traditional desks, however, may not be the most practical solution for your home. For example, if you only use the desk once in a while, you will need to find a practical solution that keeps your desk out of the way until you need it. Here are some ideas for alternatives to the traditional desk:

Convert Your Kitchen Table

Have you considered converting your kitchen table into a workstation? When you aren’t taking in meals, you can easily use your kitchen table as your desk. Instead of simply placing your items on the table whenever you need to convert it into a desk, you could also make physical modifications to the table or to the area nearby. Having a kitchen table custom made that includes shelves and hidden compartments can help you easily use your kitchen table as a desk. If you don’t want to modify the table, you can also hang shelves close to your kitchen table to store your work supplies so that you can have them nearby when you’re ready to work.

Mount Shelves to Use as Your Desk

Mounting shelves to use as your desk and workstation is another alternative to the traditional desk. This is an especially good option if you’re looking to save space. Since the shelf will be mounted on the wall, you won’t use valuable floor space for a bulky desk. If you need to save even more room, consider mounting the shelf on hinge brackets so that you can store the shelf flush against the wall when it isn’t in use. You can also mount other shelves next to the one you will be using for the desk in order to store supplies.

Use an Armoire

Did you know that you could convert an armoire into a complete workstation without making too many modifications? The benefit to this is that an armoire is a beautiful piece of furniture, which means that you can simply put your work items back in place and close the doors. To those who visit your home, the armoire looks like a piece of furniture that belongs where it is. They don’t need to know that it is actually your home office.

No matter what you need to get done, it helps to have a dedicated space. However, not everyone will have the need for a full office, complete with a traditional desk. These alternatives save space and also create an ample enough workspace to get everything done. If you can’t find a creative solution that perfectly fits your needs, consider getting something custom made.