The Advantages of Owning a Storage Bed


Storage beds are typically a platform bed with built in storage underneath. They come with different options including a set of drawers, doors, or even a bookcase headboard. A storage bed is a great investment for any home and provides extra storage space to keep items out of sight (and hopefully off the bedroom floor). Here are a few advantages for owning a storage bed.

Utilizing Forgotten Storage Space

IMG_2291_001__68340.1459268990.864.850The space underneath your bed can be used for a variety of purposes. Items can be stored underneath or the family cat or dog may claim it as a sleeping spot; but usually what ends up happening is that under the bed becomes a cave of lost items and dust bunnies. If you are storing items underneath the bed, you most likely have to get on your hands and knees, or lie on your stomach to reach everything you have hiding under there. Storage beds eliminate this problem. They have drawers which allow you to easily access items, and because the base is closed off, you don’t have to worry about dust and dirt building up underneath.

Optimizing Small Spaces

Not all bedrooms are built equally. Especially if you are living in a major metropolitan area like New York City, the room you sleep in may in fact be what others consider a “walk in closet.” Some bedrooms have just enough room for a bed, a night stand, and maybe a dresser, and that’s it. A storage bed is an ideal piece of furniture for this type of room. A storage bed with up to twelve drawers can double as a dresser, which can free up extra space in the room. Instead of where you would normally put a chest of drawers, you can have a vanity or a desk as your clothes are neatly stored away below your mattress.

Great for Kids Rooms

Around the age of 12 or 13, your child may have outgrown their childhood bed. As much fun as it was sleeping in a either a race car or a princess bed, your child may want to change up his or her entire bedroom to reflect their age and style. Storage beds are a great choice for older kids and teenagers as they provide ample storage for clothes and toys. If you are redoing the entire bedroom you can buy a storage bed with matching nightstand, dresser, and sometimes even a bookcase headboard. A bookcase headboard is great for storing not only books, but sentimental items and an alarm clock as well.

Guest Room Double Duty

Do you have a guest room? Why not set up your guest sleeping room with a storage bed. The drawers underneath can be used to store extra sheets and towels that your guests can easily access. Or you can store seasonal items here and store your sweaters in the summer and your swimwear in the winter here so you have more room in your closets and dressers for items you are currently using. A storage bed is also an economical choice for a guest room as most storage beds are platform beds, and don’t require having to purchase a box spring to support the mattress.