3 Advantages of a Loft Bed


Unlike a bunk bed which features one bed over another, a loft bed is a bunk bed that only has the top bunk, which leaves a wide open space underneath. A loft bed is ideal for small spaces or for rooms that sleep more than one person. In fact, a lot of college dorms offer lofted beds to provide extra storage underneath which maximizes the space in the tiny rooms. Here are 3 advantages to having a loft bed in your own home.

Ideal for Shared Kids Rooms

Loft beds are great for children’s bedrooms that have double (or even triple) occupancy. With the bed lofted up top, the space underneath becomes an oasis for the bed owner. The floor can be lined with pillows and blankets to create a special area for reading or playing with toys. For a girl’s room, you can drape fabrics to create a “princess” area where your daughter can play with her dolls and stuffed animals as well as invite friends over to play in the “palace.”

For a boy’s room, you can turn the area into a place to make buildings with building blocks or racetracks for Matchbox cars. Or you can hang fabric and other decorative items to turn the space into a “pirate ship.” The opportunities are endless. The best part about the lofted beds is that it creates a designated area specifically for one child. This is very important in cases where the bedroom is shared with other siblings. With a loft bed, a child has a sense that their toys and belongings are safe in their space.

Frees Up Space

Instead of transforming the space underneath the bed into a play area, you can utilize the area for storage. Dressers and chests of drawers fit neatly underneath a loft bed and so can bookcases as well as vanities or toy boxes. Moving these items underneath the bed frees up more space in the room which can then be used as an open play area, or to host multiple sleeping bags during slumber parties. Or you can put a futon or daybed underneath which can be used as a sitting area, and then double as a guest bed.

Transitions As Your Children Get Older

If you invest in a loft bed, you can relax knowing that as your child grows, the bed can transition with them. Teens can create a study area underneath the bed. Placing a bookcase or two underneath the bed along with a desk and a computer can transform the bed into a study nook. The best part about having the bed lofted is it discourages studying or doing homework in bed, which can actually disrupt sleep patterns. With a loft bed, your child can separate their work space from their sleep space.

On the other hand, if your child wants a bigger bed in their room, you can keep the loft bed and place a larger bed underneath the loft. This way your child has a spare bed to host guests, that doesn’t take up a lot of space as it is lofted above.

These are just a few of the many advantages of owning a loft bed. To view our selection of loft beds, visit us online at http://www.gothiccabinetcraft.com/.