4 Ways to Add Storage Space to Any Room


No matter how big your home is, chances are pretty good that you could always use more storage space. However, it is possible to increase the amount of storage space you have by using a variety of techniques. Here are some of our favorite ways to make sure you have plenty of room to store all your things:

Maximize Existing Closet Space

Do you think your closets aren’t big enough? The truth is, most people have a lot of unused space in their closets. Before you do anything else in your home to maximize storage space, you should really start with your closet. Make sure that you are using every inch of space possible. By using things like storage cubes, wall-mounted shelving, and custom-made closet systems, you’ll suddenly have more space than you thought possible.

Utilize the Space Under the Stairs

If you have a multi-story home or apartment and need to create more storage opportunities, consider using the acmbn_6003__33024-1350410642-864-850area underneath the stairs! By adding storage items such as drawers, storage cubes, and shelving, you can create more space to store those extra items in your home.

Build Storage Vertically 

Even if you have a small home, chances are pretty good that you still have plenty of opportunities to create extra storage by using the vertical space. By selecting furniture pieces that are taller than they are wide, such as a set of bookshelves or a drawer chest, you can easily create storage without taking up valuable floor space. Another option is to stack storage cubes vertically to create a storage option that will fit perfectly in the space that you do have.

Use Furniture Storage Pieces

Another option that you have to create more storage is to use furniture pieces that have plenty of extra storage. For instance, instead of purchasing a bed that is low to the ground, consider buying a captain’s bed or storage bed, which both utilize the unused space underneath the bed. Some captain’s beds have so many drawers that it could even eliminate the need to buy a dresser or chest to store extra clothes! Other pieces, such as storage ottomans, also serve a dual purpose. They provide a place for you to rest your legs while also increasing the amount of storage in the room.

Mount Storage Pieces on the Wall 

If you need extra storage but don’t want to take up any more floor space, consider mounting storage pieces, such as storage cubes and shelving, on the wall. This will help you create more storage without using any floor space. You can also use items such as decorative storage baskets to make your wall mounted storage look a little more decorative.

Most people have a lot of unused space in their homes that can be converted into storage opportunities. These ideas will help you find more storage in your home than you thought possible! For additional help creating more storage space, you might want to consider getting some special pieces custom made.