4 Accent Furniture Pieces You Must Have


Your home décor is about more than just your essential furniture pieces. While your essentials create the backbone of the room, it’s the accent furniture pieces that really make it stand apart. A great accent piece not only complements a room’s décor but is also functional. That’s why it’s important to select each piece with care. Here’s a list of essential accent pieces you absolutely must have:


ac6116__99937-1351273945-864-850Accent chairs are beautiful, decorative, and highly practical. Adding accent chairs is an easy way to extend the seating in any room! Placing an extra accent chair or two in a room can create a reading nook, allow for additional seats next to a couch, or create seating in a bedroom or office. They’re also space savers, so if extra seating is needed, you won’t need to purchase bulky furniture in order to get the job done. There will certainly be an accent chair to fit your design scheme, as well. Accent chairs can come in a variety of shapes and styles, such as wooden, leather, and upholstered.


Ottomans are functional, but when chosen correctly they can also enhance the décor in your room. Ottomans can double as coffee tables, extra seating, and storage space. You can also buy special ottomans that can be rolled out to form a simple bed for guests. Ottomans come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes so they can easily fit in every room in your home.


Shelving is another important accent piece that you won’t be able to live without. Whether you purchase decorative, wall-mounted shelving to hold pictures or vases or you decide to add a larger bookshelf to store all of your books, these pieces serve a purpose while also adding to the beauty of the room.


Accent chests offer an attractive and easy way to expand the storage possibilities in any room. Add them to an entryway to store things like scarves, handbags, and gloves. Place them in the kitchen or dining room to store extra utensils and cookware. Add them to your bedrooms to provide an additional place to store clothing and linens. In a hobby room, they can store additional craft supplies. Just be sure to select the pieces that match your existing décor.

When planning a room’s décor, think beyond all the essential pieces. As you can see, these accent furniture pieces are just as important. They not only add to the beauty of the room, but also make it more functional.